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(1524)Holmes County Police Departments
Glenmont Police Department108 Main StreetGlenmontOH44628330-377-4119
Holmes County Police Departments
Millersburg Police Department6 North Washington StreetMillersburgOH44654330-674-5931
Nashville Police DepartmentWest Church LaneNashvilleOH44661330-378-2031
Nashville Police Department226 East Church LaneNashvilleOH44661330-674-1936
Holmes County Sheriff Department
Holmes County Sheriffs Office / Holmes County Jail8105 Township Road 574HolmesvilleOH44633330-674-1936
Holmes County Probation Department
Holmes County Probation Department1 East Jackson StreetMillersburgOH44654330-674-1121
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Ohio Warrant Records

Warrant Records are public records that show a person’s authorization to be in or on the premises of a government structure. Warrant records are divided into two different categories; criminal records and civil records. If you are wondering what a warrant is, then know that it is not a legal document that grants authority to a law enforcement official to arrest, detain, or restrain you. Rather, it is an administrative order from a judge that authorizes the police or other officials to temporarily stop and remove you from specific premises. (Note: You do not have to worry about this if you have not broken a law.)

The most commonly searched type of warrant in Holmes County, Ohio are criminal warrants. These are issued by Magistrates and Judges in the county and are used to search for persons accused of crimes. Criminal warrants are based upon the state’s penal code. Some examples of warrant charges include rape, murder, theft, carjacking, burglary and arson. It is up to the Judge to decide whether the person accused of the crime has been arrested and convicted. A Magistrates’ court will either issue or dismiss the charges, allowing the individual to move free.

Warrant records also pertain to the arrest of a person for suspicion of a crime. In this instance, the Holmes County Magistrates’ court issues the warrant. These records will detail the details of the arrest, including the reason for the arrest, who was arrested and the date of the arrest.

Warrant records are not limited to the State of Ohio. An outstanding warrant for your arrest may also be carried out against you in another state. If you move around the country and you fail to inform the law enforcement authorities of the new address, they may end up arresting you when you are in the country. This could mean the difference between life and death, especially if the person you are accused of is on the run. Therefore, it is important to keep your warrant records up to date. In Ohio, you can appoint a deputy sheriff to make sure that warrants are properly updated.

People can get themselves out of jail by posting bail, which is an amount equivalent to the full value of the bond. However, a criminal record will remain on their records until the court concludes its proceedings on the matter. It may then be destroyed or removed from public access. A warrant may be sealed after the case has been concluded, but not if the name is offensive, like the word “fugitive.”

Warrant records may also show the identity of a person that has been arrested for suspicion of a crime, and that person’s right to an attorney. Warrants can also reveal if a person has been questioned under oath, and had his or her day in court. If a person fails to disclose any arrest record, this will remain on their record forever.