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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1386)Clark County Police Departments
Clark County Park District Police930 South Tecumseh RoadSpringfieldOH45506
Clark County Police Departments
Catawba Police Department115 Persimmon StreetMechanicsburgOH43044937-828-1345
Donnelsville Police Department104 East Main StreetDonnelsvilleOH45319
Enon Police Department363 East Main StreetEnonOH45323937-864-5577
German Township Police Department3940 Lawrenceville DriveSpringfieldOH45502937-964-1661
Lawrenceville Police Department3819 Lawrenceville DriveSpringfieldOH45504937-964-8357
North Hampton Police Department250 West Clark StreetNorth HamptonOH45349937-964-1362
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Springfield Patrol Post 124201 Gateway BoulevardSpringfieldOH45502937-323-9781
South Charleston Police Department35 South Chillicothe StreetSouth CharlestonOH45368937-462-8822
South Vienna Police Department149 West Main StreetSouth ViennaOH45369937-568-4311
Springfield Police Division130 North Fountain AvenueSpringfieldOH45502937-324-7720
Tremont City Mayor's Office26 East Main StreetSpringfieldOH45504937-969-8281
Tremont City Police Department26 East Main StreetTremont CityOH45372937-969-8281
Wittenberg University Police Department200 West Ward StreetSpringfieldOH45504937-327-7307
Clark County Sheriff Departments
Clark County Sheriffs Office - East District Office3130 East Main StreetSpringfieldOH45503937-521-2114
Clark County Sheriffs Office / Clark County Jail120 North Fountain AvenueSpringfieldOH45502937-328-2523
Clark County FBI Office
South Charleston Ohio FBI Office328 East Jamestown StreetSouth CharlestonOH45368937-462-8654
Clark County Probation Department
Clark County Probation Department101 North Limestone StreetSpringfieldOH45502937-521-1711
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OPI Search Warrant Records – How to Do an OPI Search

Warrant Records are one of the most sensitive pieces of public information that is retained and maintained by the Ohio State Bureau of Criminal Investigation (OCI). The OPI performs an annual nationwide search to perform a pre-employment criminal background search on any individual with a warrant for arrest. In Clark County, there are two main record categories which are kept by the OPI; those category are Criminal Records and civil records.

Performing a search with the OPI will not only give you criminal history information but it will also provide you with information if you are on parole or are on probation or are on a sex offender’s list. Performing searches on people running an already published name, an unpublished name or if you have no contact information will also return results. Performing this search can be done online and can be done at one of the branches or offices or you can do it online through our secure server. If you are doing it online then you may have to pay a small fee to get the information that you are looking for.

Obtaining warrants for arrests is very serious and should only be performed by trained and certified personnel. You will need to fill out an application stating why you want the search done as well as the person that you are looking for. The application can be accessed online and filled out within minutes. You will also be required to pay a small fee.

When you perform an OPI search on someone else you will get the persons court records, background checks and other court records. Performing an OPI search on yourself will only give you the persons date of birth, social security number and their bail amount. The results from the OPI search will also provide you with their addresses. When you are performing a warrant search on yourself it is very important that you know the specific reason why you are searching the person. Some reasons you may want to search a person are to locate any outstanding warrants for their arrest, to verify if they are who they say they are and to ensure they do not have a firearm.

To perform an OPI you will first need to visit the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) website. At the NCIC website you will type in the person’s name including their first name and last name. Once you have typed this information in you will have to press search. The results will include the warrant search results as well as additional data such as the crime that they were arrested for, their birth date, social security number, and warrant issued.

If you are requested to attend a court proceeding in relation to the warrant you should go to the clerk court. At the clerk court you will be asked to enter your name into a legal name binder where you will need to sign your name under oath. Warrant searches are usually performed only when there is reason to believe there is a valid warrant out for the arrest of the person. It is important that you remember that a warrant is an official document and should be honored by all local authorities. Failure to honor the warrant can result in serious criminal repercussions.