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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1702)Medina County Police Departments
Medina County Drug Task Force555 Independence DriveMedinaOH44256330-725-9181
Medina County Police Departments
Medina County Park District Rangers6364 Deerview LaneMedinaOH44256330-722-9364
Medina Police Department150 West Friendship StreetMedinaOH44256330-725-7777
Medina Township Police Department3801 Huffman RoadMedinaOH44256330-723-1408
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Medina Post 523149 Frantz RoadMedinaOH44256330-725-4921
Brunswick Hills Township Police Department505 Substation RoadBrunswickOH44212330-273-3722
Brunswick Police Department4095 Center RoadBrunswickOH44212330-225-9111
Hinckley Township Police Department1410 Ridge RoadHinckleyOH44233330-278-7161
Lodi Police Department108 Ainsworth StreetLodiOH44254330-948-2040
Lodi Police Department110 Ainsworth StreetLodiOH44254330-948-2040
Montville Township Police Department6665 Wadsworth RoadMedinaOH44256330-725-8314
Seville Police Department120 Royal Crest DriveSevilleOH44273330-769-4003
Spencer Police Department109 North Main StreetSpencerOH44275330-648-2425
Wadsworth Police Department120 Maple StreetWadsworthOH44281330-334-1511
Westfield Center Village Police Department6701 Greenwich RoadSevilleOH44273330-887-5151
Medina County Sheriff Department
Medina County Sheriffs Office / Medina County Jail555 Independence DriveMedinaOH44256330-725-0028
Medina County Probation Department
Medina County Probation Department99 Public SquareMedinaOH44256330-725-9791
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Warrant Records in Medina County, Ohio

We are all pretty much aware of what a warrant is, and most of us know that having one can be very troublesome. However, did you know that there are actually many different types of warrants that can exist in this jurisdiction? One type is called an “indictment” and they are issued by a grand jury. If you have a warrant for your own arrest, you may not even be aware of it.

To keep track of a person’s legal documents, you will need to do some detective work to find out more about your neighbor or co-worker. There are legal documents that tell you what a person has been charged with. These charges are listed here under the category of “infractions”. The most common criminal charges listed here are “fraudulency” and “forgery”. Another form of fraudulency comes along with “petit larceny” which is sometimes spelled as “perece larceny”. A petty offense is one that is less than a felony.

It’s important to realize that when a person is arrested, their warrant records are considered part of the public record. In other words, anyone can access them. There are some restrictions placed on who can get access to these records, but the information is available to anyone if they are asking for it. This means that if you want to check up on your mechanic, you don’t need a lawyer to hop onto his truck and do it for you.

These records are maintained by the county, and are basically a checklist of everything that a person has been convicted of. This can include traffic violations, arrests, misdemeanors, felonies, and all those other things. They also include any sexual offender records, as well as any death records. And it doesn’t matter if the crime happened in Medina County or elsewhere. All the records are filed here.

The problem is that these types of records are considered to be public record, and are made available to anybody. This means that your neighbor could have a copy of the documents sitting right there. And your own children could be researching a past. Parents shouldn’t have this kind of information in their home, especially when there is no legal reason for doing so. And they should know that they have the right to request copies of any of these documents from the government agencies involved.

There are many reasons that a person might be interested in searching for someone’s warrant records, from catching a cheating spouse to finding out if someone has outstanding arrest warrants. It’s a good idea to find a service that does not charge an extra fee, and that offers unlimited searches. There are many services out there, but it’s a good idea to do some research before choosing one.