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How to Find Public Records in Union County Ohio

You can find Public Records in Union County, Ohio if you know the person’s name and address. These documents include a variety of different types of legal documents, including criminal, civil, and family court records. Some of these documents are only available online, but you can find them elsewhere. These databases contain links to court records and other free court resources for each court location in the county. You can access these records in a new window by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

The Union County Records Center & Archives maintains vital records. These records contain information about a person’s birth, marriage, death, and divorce. These records are available to the public, and anyone in the county can request them. These documents are more detailed than a simple arrest record. They also detail a person’s court sentencing. These documents are available in hard copy upon request, and are free of charge.

For more information on vital statistics records, check out the Union County Records Center & Archives. These records are kept by county government and are only accessible through the originating department. The county website also provides voter registration information, election results, and more. The county’s Offender Search offers details about supervised and incarcerated inmates in the county, including their charges, sentences, and more. The Union Co. Commissioners’ Office publishes agendas for meetings, and marriage licenses and marriage records are available.

The Tri-County Regional Jail inmate roster is published online. This online list contains a listing of all inmates in Union County. You can search for a specific person by name using the list. Similarly, the court records of the county contain information about cases and jurisdictions. These records are available on the internet and in paper form from the record-keeper’s office. While sensitive information is not published online, the court’s website allows you to access them.

Union County has a number of offices and representatives. You can find out who is serving on a jury. You can also look through the Union County courts’ Local Rules and Forms. These documents will tell you where to go for your court records. If you need to access a specific document, you should visit the court’s website. It will tell you the name of the inmate. A copy of the records will also be available on the website.

While you can find a lot of public records in the county, you will also be able to find a wide variety of local histories online. These can contain biographies and information about local government and schools. In addition, there are many other historical resources for the county. In addition to searching for a person’s name, you can also check out Union County’s Local Rules and Forms. The records of Union County’s government can also give you information about the people and events that happen in the county.