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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1514)Geauga County Police Departments
Bainbridge Township Police Department8353 Bainbridge RoadChagrin FallsOH44023440-543-8252
Geauga County Police Departments
Burton Village Police Department14588 West Park StreetBurtonOH44021440-834-1234
Chardon Police Department111 Water StreetChardonOH44024440-286-6123
Chester Township Police Department12696 Opalocka DriveChesterlandOH44026440-729-9446
Hunting Valley Police Department38251 Fairmount BoulevardChagrin FallsOH44022440-247-7324
Middlefield Police Department14860 North State AvenueMiddlefieldOH44062440-632-5224
Newbury Township Police Department11012 Kinsman RoadNewburyOH44065440-564-7014
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Chardon Patrol Post 28530 Center StreetChardonOH44024440-285-9436
Russell Police Department14820 Chillicothe RoadNoveltyOH44072440-338-6212
Russell Twp Police Department8450 Kinsman RoadNoveltyOH44072440-338-6212
South Russell Police Department5205 Chillicothe RoadChagrin FallsOH44022440-338-6700
Thompson Police Department6784 Madison RoadThompsonOH44086440-298-1305
Geauga County Sheriff Department
Geauga County Sheriffs Office / Geauga County Jail12450 Merritt RoadChardonOH44024440-564-7131
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Warrant Records in Geauga County Ohio

Warrant records are one of the most important and useful pieces of public information in today’s modern society. These records contain not only details on the criminal activities of an individual, but they also give insight into his character and his family background. If you’re curious about how and where your neighbor or new friend got into trouble with the law, this kind of information can help you to find out. Warrant records in Geauga County, Ohio are maintained by the county court house and are available to any member of the public who requests them.

To search a person’s background in this type of record, you must first identify whether it’s for a criminal activity or for some other purpose. There are different types of reasons why people may need to access a person’s records. They could be hiring someone, investigating their potential employee, investigating a new neighbor or spouse, investigating a suspicious looking neighbor, or even checking up on a child that you think may have been abused. In any case, a person’s personal information will be displayed on the screen.

To perform a warrant search, you’ll need the actual warrant issued by a judge. Searching for a person’s warrant information online is very easy. There are many websites online now that offer free warrant searches. You just input the person’s name into the search box and press enter. If there is information available, the website will show you the details. There’s nothing that these sites provide that you cannot also get from your local courthouse.

There are a couple of ways how the warrant records are stored. One way, which is currently the most popular, is to store the records in a centralized county file. This allows law officials to easily access the data base and update it whenever new information becomes available. Another method, which is slightly more expensive, is to have the warrant records stored in the individual county courthouses. This is a good option for serious criminals that might have outstanding warrants out for their arrest.

One way how law enforcement personnel check to see if a person has a warrant out for their arrest is to check the person’s name against a national database known as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). The database contains all the data on all criminals and felonies in the country. For example, if a person were to fill out an application for a new job, and had some sort of felony in mind, the application would show if they had a record of that specific crime. If so, they’d be rejected. However, if the same person filled out an application and had a clean record, then they could possibly be accepted.

Performing a nationwide search can be done fairly inexpensively. Usually, a company or government agency will offer the service for an annual fee. Most companies charge around $25 for a year’s worth of search access. That works out to about ten dollars per record. You can find out the person’s background history through a simple search online.