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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1261)Allen County Police Departments
American Township Police Department102 Pioneer RoadElidaOH45807419-331-6788
Allen County Police Departments
Bluffton Police Department154 North Main StreetBlufftonOH45817419-358-2961
Cairo Police Department519 Wall StreetCairoOH45820419-227-3535
Delphos Police Department125 East 2nd StreetDelphosOH45833419-692-4015
Elida Police Department200 West Main StreetElidaOH45807419-339-9481
Fort Shawnee Police Department2050 West Breese RoadLimaOH45806419-991-8010
Johnny Appleseed Metro Park District - Park Ranger2355 Ada RoadLimaOH45801419-223-1025
Lima Police Department117 East Market StreetLimaOH45801419-227-4444
Marion Township Police Department5405 Kiggins RoadDelphosOH45833419-692-8846
Oakwood Correctional Facility3200 North West StreetLimaOH45801419-225-8052
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Lima Patrol Post 22005 East 4th StreetLimaOH45804419-228-2421
Perry Township Police Department2501 East Breese RoadLimaOH45806419-221-1870
Shawnee Township Police Department2530 Fort Amanda RoadLimaOH45804419-227-3211
Spencerville Police Department116 South Broadway StreetSpencervilleOH45887419-647-4141
Allen County Sheriff Department
Allen County Sheriffs Office / Allen County Jail333 North Main StreetLimaOH45801419-227-3535
Allen County FBI Office
Lima Ohio FBI Office401 West North StreetLimaOH45801419-223-7761
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Understanding Warrant Records

Warrant Records are basically legal documents that serve as a proof of a person’s arrest. These documents are issued by magistrates or county clerk’s offices and are available to the public. Magistrates or county clerk’s office usually maintain the records of warrants of arrests, court martial charges or parole records. These arrest warrants are public information.

You can obtain public information on warrants by going to the courthouse where your case was filed. If you know the address of your case then it is easy for you to look for your warrant because you will get the details about the issuance of warrants on the court’s website. This website can be found either in the courthouses or online.

In case of an address search, you need to write down the details of the place of service and then search the database by this name. By searching the public records, you can find out the name of the person who owns the property that has been arrested. The record details can also tell you the reasons for summoning the person.

Warrant Records are normally public information. However, there are certain circumstances where one may need to search for warrants. The most common reason is the issuance of arrest warrants. Warrants are issued when the authorities believe that a person committed a crime or is about to commit a crime. For instance, if you have just met someone for coffee and before you leave with them, you get a notice from the police station that someone was about to rob you.

Warrant searches can be done online or personally. Many times, people want to check if their partners or parents have warrants issued against them. You can do this by running a nationwide search from the Internet. There are a number of free websites which allow you to conduct nationwide warrant searches.

Before you start using the services of an online database, it is important to check the reliability of the site. You should not publish any personal information about yourself on a site which is not legitimate. Warrant records are confidential information and only an authorized representative of the government should have access to it. If the website does not have proper authentication, you may end up wasting time and energy.

Warrant records can include a person’s name, address, criminal background details and other pertinent information. If you want to check the records of a person, you can go to a search engine and enter the person’s name. You should be aware of the fact that different information provided by different sites can be different. You should also be able to search more than one record at a time. Search engines only return results up to three of them. Therefore, if you want to search more, you will have to use other sites.

Warrant records can help you protect your family and friends. If you have just met a new person and you want to have more information about him or her, you can run a nationwide search to see if there is a warrant out for his or her arrest. This will help you prevent the risk of being deceived by someone you meet online. Moreover, you will be able to solve your own problem if you find out that your partner is about to get a divorce because of cheating.