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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1387)Clermont County Police Departments
Amelia Police Department44 West Main StreetAmeliaOH45102513-753-4747
Clermont County Police Departments
Batavia Police Department389 East Main StreetBataviaOH45103513-732-5692
Bethel Police Department120 North Main StreetBethelOH45106513-734-2256
Felicity Police Department415 West Walnut LaneFelicityOH45120513-876-2621
Goshen Police Department6757 Goshen RoadGoshenOH45122513-722-3200
Goshen Township Police Department6575 Goshen RoadGoshenOH45122513-722-3200
Miami Township Police Department5900 McPicken DriveMilfordOH45150513-248-3721
Milford Police Department745 Center StreetMilfordOH45150513-248-5084
New Richmond Police Department102 Willow StreetNew RichmondOH45157513-553-3121
Newtonsville Police Department794 Wright StreetBataviaOH45103513-625-0741
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Batavia Patrol Post 131000 Hospital DriveBataviaOH45103513-732-1510
Owensville Police Department115 West Main StreetBataviaOH45103513-732-1171
Pierce Township Police Department950 Locust Corner RoadCincinnatiOH45245513-752-4100
Union Township Police Department4312 Glen Este-Withamsville RoadCincinnatiOH45245513-752-0216
Williamsburg Police Department107 West Main StreetWilliamsburgOH45176513-724-2261
Williamsburg Village Police120 North Main StreetBethelOH45106513-724-2261
Clermont County Sheriff Department
Clermont County Sheriffs Office4470 Ohio 222BataviaOH45103513-732-7500
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Warrant Records in Clermont County Ohio

A Clermont County Court judge has the authority and the duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States and also protect the citizens of this nation. The job of a constable is to ensure the public’s safety by ensuring that laws are enforced. Therefore, if you were arrested for a warrant of apprehension you will be able to go to your court date and have the charges against you dismissed if you can prove that there is a mistake made in the process of summoning you. If you are ever confused about what a warrant is or what a judge would have to say in regard to it then you should not hesitate to talk to an attorney who specializes in warrants.

In Ohio and other states across the country warrants are considered to be automatic devices that allow law enforcement agencies to have some proof that a person is committing a crime without having to go through the lengthy process of proving the person committed the crime. All it takes is a mere suspicion of a crime for someone to be arrested and brought before a judge for a probable cause hearing. From there the arresting officer can then apply for a search warrant to access any private or public records that they believe will help them with their investigation. Warrant records are kept in state repositories which in turn give the police authority to conduct searches within the jurisdiction without prior permission from a judge.

What exactly is contained within the records? Some records include the person’s criminal history, any felonies, misdemeanors and if the person is a sex offender; they will have a list of their conviction on their record as well. Some warrant applications may even require the person to undergo a drug test. Warrant records are used for a number of purposes including investigating a crime, monitoring your children’s activities, tracking down missing persons and many other investigative purposes.

So how is this information stored? If a person goes to a courthouse for any type of court proceedings they are required to bring in any evidence that they have that is related to the case. In some cases that evidence may just be used as a formality to show that the defendant has a legitimate right to be present at the proceeding. In other cases the evidence will be used to obtain a search warrant or arrest warrant. The record of the defendant will then be held by the court, which is then responsible for releasing the person from any jail time that is associated with the warrant. The jurisdiction that the individual was arrested or served in will be entered into the court records along with the reason for the arrest.

You may want to know more about the actual laws that are involved when it comes to having a warrant. Many states have very specific laws regarding warrant records, which means that the information contained in the records is not only limited but also not easy to access. In some states warrant information is available to anyone that wants to obtain it under certain circumstances. A warrant must be signed by a judge in order to make it valid and in many cases it is automatically revoked after seven days unless a person does something to keep it from being revoked.

A warrant records lookup can prove to be extremely useful for a law enforcement agency, private investigator, or anyone else that may need to find out more information about a person who has been accused of a crime. You may be a suspect in some type of investigation, and performing a search on a person can give you important information that you will not be able to obtain without a warrant. These warrant records will reveal to you any and all information that you need to know. If there has been a warrant issued against a person in your area then performing a background search on that person should be extremely simple.