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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1391)Crawford County Police Departments
Bucyrus Police Department500 South Sandusky AvenueBucyrusOH44820419-562-1006
Crawford County Police Departments
Crestline Police Department100 North Seltzer StreetCrestlineOH44827419-683-2222
Galion Police Department301 Harding Way EastGalionOH44833419-468-5255
New Washington Police Department119 East Mansfield StreetNew WashingtonOH44854419-492-2321
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Bucyrus Patrol Post - District 2 Headquarters3665 Ohio 4BucyrusOH44820419-562-8040
Crawford County Sheriff Department
Crawford County Sheriffs Office3613 Stetzer RoadBucyrusOH44820419-562-7906
Crawford County Probation Department
Crawford County Probation Department112 East Mansfield StreetBucyrusOH44820419-562-8520
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Criminal Activity Records – The Importance of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Crawford County, Ohio contain a detailed history of a person’s criminal activities. This criminal activity can span many different levels from simple theft to major crimes of violence. For the sake of convenience, all warrants that have been issued in the county of Crawford are included in these records. There is no way to conduct a search without these records. If the person you are investigating has not cleared their name or if you want to know more about someone else, you will need to consult the Records in Crawford County.

Per state law, all criminal activity in each county must be reported to the state police. The person’s name goes into the system so that when there is activity that they are suspected of having done, they will be found. Once a name appears on the records, it will be possible to find out more information and make an arrest or to release the person from their holding cell.

The records also show the courts which proceedings were issued for each warrant. This is very helpful for anyone that wants to look into a person’s background for some reason. If you have a person’s arrest record, court records, and warrants, you will easily be able to find out much more about them than you could possibly think. It may take a little bit of time to access the records. It depends on how fast you need them and how comprehensive you want to get.

The first step to getting your information is to visit the county’s Vital Records website. This will give you the most current information available. If you do not live in the county, you can use the mail to get the information you need. If you live in the county, you can call the local office or the circuit court office to see what kind of information you will be able to obtain. It may take a little bit of waiting on the phone, but the record should be right there.

If you are looking into a person’s criminal history, you may be able to find all kinds of records online. There are many websites that allow you to search for a person’s criminal records, including warrants. These websites allow you to search the person’s name and any other information that is related to the person. You will generally be able to obtain some basic information, but the more detailed information will have to be paid for through other sources.

Warrant records help to protect everyone from criminal activity. If you are hiring someone to work in your home or to babysit your children, you want to be sure they are trustworthy. These records are available online so you can check up on anyone you feel may be a danger to you or your family. Anyone with a criminal background should be registered with the court in which they are living so you will know when they have been convicted of a crime.