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Meigs County Sheriff's Office Website
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(1703)Meigs County Police Departments
Middleport Police Department237 Race StreetMiddleportOH45760740-992-6424
Meigs County Police Departments
Pomeroy Police Department660 East Main StreetPomeroyOH45769740-992-6411
Pomeroy Police Department320 East Main StreetPomeroyOH45769740-992-6411
Racine Police Department405 Main StreetRacineOH45771740-949-2296
Rutland Police Department337 Main StreetRutlandOH45775740-742-2121
Syracuse Police Department2581 3rd StreetRacineOH45771740-992-7777
Syracuse Village Office2581 3rd StreetSyracuseOH45779740-992-7777
Meigs County Sheriff Department
Meigs County Sheriffs Department / Meigs County Jail104 East 2nd StreetPomeroyOH45769740-992-3371
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Warrant Records – Search For Criminal Records Online

Warrant Records in Meigs County, Ohio are one of the most heavily relied upon public records for the state of Ohio. In fact, warrants are considered as part of the Criminal Records. Warrant records are the documents submitted by a county’s police department or other law enforcement agency to a judge requesting an individual’s arrest or citation. The records are used to track criminal activity in county and ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws. However, there is much more to these types of records than meets the eye.

Warrant records are public information designed for the general viewing and public use. These records are stored locally so that individuals can access them with ease. This is done through the internet which links counties or cities together across the United States. There is a national database that links and connects millions of public records. It is an easy way for anyone to obtain copies of these records with minimal effort and a good deal of convenience.

Warrant records allow an individual to search for any person they want to perform a criminal background check on. The process is very simple. All that is required of the individual is that they are wanting to search for the person’s public record. This includes any traffic violations or criminal activity in their past. Once the person conducts the search, then the results will be displayed immediately.

A person may not conduct a search on another person if they have reason to believe that person has committed a crime. They can only do this if they can produce evidence that a crime was committed in their jurisdiction. The catch is that the government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime occurred. Therefore, it may take several days to months for the report to be made.

Warrant records are extremely useful in other ways. For example, if a person wants to rent a home or apartment, the landlord must disclose if they have a criminal record. Likewise, insurance companies use a criminal record search to determine whether or not a potential client should be given coverage. In short, a warrant can reveal if a person has a past criminal activity.

In most states, a person is allowed to obtain warrant records. A person can search for these documents through various online websites. However, there are still many counties in the United States that do not allow one to access the public records online. The best bet is to search locally and look in each county where the warrant is issued.