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Morgan County Sheriffs Department37 East Main StreetMcConnelsvilleOH43756740-962-3333
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Mcconnelsville Police Department9 West Main StreetMcConnelsvilleOH43756740-962-3163
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How To Search For Warrant Records

Warrant records are a type of public record that reveal not only a person’s legal history but also the activities they are being accused of and other information pertinent to their case. Such public records can be found in county courthouses or by searching through state vital statistics offices. These records are kept by various police departments and other law enforcement agencies across the United States. While such information can help a person make an informed decision, it is important to remember that these records are considered public information and can be accessed by any person for any purpose.

In some instances a person may have to hire a lawyer to conduct a background check on someone they are considering dating, buying, or renting property from. In addition, job applicants may need to disclose their prior criminal records during the interview process. Warrant records can also prove useful when hiring employees to ensure the company is not hiring a criminal. Similarly, employers can use such records to weed out potential employees with a criminal past.

A simple way to search for warrant records is online. There are many websites that offer online access to public record databases. This search allows you to enter a person’s name and current or past address, as well as other pertinent information. If a person has been reported to the FBI, his or her name will show up on the results page. By typing the person’s name into the search box on the website, you can determine if the person has ever been declared bankrupt, has had their driving privileges revoked, or even been convicted of a crime. Some websites allow you to search based on a SSN (Social Security Number), which can narrow down results a great deal.

One caution is to watch out for incomplete information or a mistype. The records are quite large and are updated frequently. So if you do a simple search and get inaccurate or outdated information, you may want to consider using a different site.

If a person’s name is in the database but it doesn’t mean they have a criminal record, then you can also check with the local police station where the person lives. Sometimes the local station will keep information about an individual even if they are never charged with a crime. Sometimes they will be notified if the person has a past conviction or misdemeanor. If a person has moved within the area, they may still have active records there.

Warrant records can also be found by using a service provided by the federal government. Many times these services only charge a fee that is based on how many records you wish to access. You can get access to all types of records including marriage, divorce, criminal, inmate and military records. You may also be able to access other types of public records through these online records. However, you will not get access to sensitive information such as background checks.