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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2477)Saunders County Police Departments
Ashland Police Department2304 Silver StreetAshlandNE68003402-944-2222
Saunders County Police Departments
Cedar Bluffs Police Department101 South 1st StreetCedar BluffsNE68015402-628-3115
Ceresco Police Department217 South 2nd StreetCerescoNE68017402-665-2391
Mead Police Department312 South Vine StreetMeadNE68041402-624-2056
Wahoo Police Department605 North Broadway StreetWahooNE68066402-443-4155
Yutan Police Department112 Vine StreetYutanNE68073402-625-2468
Saunders County Sheriff Department
Saunders County Sheriff's Office354 West 4th StreetWahooNE68066402-443-3718
Saunders County Probation Department
Saunders County Probation Department112 East 7th StreetWahooNE68066402-443-4976
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How to Check For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Saunders County, Nebraska are one of the most searched out public records. These records are usually available for free, but can be requested if you so desire. There are different reasons that someone may want to look up these records. They may be investigating a person they know had a warrant out for their arrest, or maybe they have an individual they feel may be on the verge of becoming a criminal. If you are the person in need of these records, you will be happy to know that there are solutions to get the information you are after.

To start, you should know what type of warrant you may be looking at. The first one we will talk about is the general warrant. This is a warrant that does not say the person was arrested, but that they were charged with a crime. These warrant records will allow the police to search and see if they do have the person’s warrant. Generally the courts will grant the police the right to search and see if the person has a warrant. You can check the records by contacting the courthouse directly or online.

A federal warrant can be easier to find. These records will not show up on a person’s record until the grand jury or a judge decides that there is enough evidence to put the person on trial. A grand jury may decide that there is insufficient evidence to arrest the person for the crime. A judge may also issue an arrest warrant for the person. From there, you will be able to find this record online.

Another option is to look up the person’s marriage records. Typically, these records are not available for free. However, there are some reliable places online that will give you very detailed information on the person. You should make sure that the records given to you are accurate though. This information is important as you do not want to get caught with a record that would embarrass you or your family.

Lastly, you should see if there are any warrants out for your arrest. You can find all of this information online as well. Warrant records will show the name of the person, their address, and the crime they were arrested for. The offense for which the person was arrested is important because it may give you a better idea of whether you should be worried. You should also note that sex offender registries may have warrant searches as well, which will give you even more insight into whether or not you should be concerned.

To find a warrant, there are a few ways to go about it. You can contact the local courthouse directly. In many cases, this can be done online as well. You will need to fill out an application and provide proof of identification. Then, you will likely be able to find the warrant records you are looking for.