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Wayne County Sheriffs Office510 North Pearl StreetWayneNE68787402-375-1911
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How Important Are Warrant Records?

In Wayne County, Nebraska there are two types of warrants for arrests: a state warrant for arrest and an arrest warrant for failure to appear. State warrants are issued by the Nebraska State Troopers to be carried out when a person is convicted of a felony in the state of Nebraska or is charged with an offense that is not a felony in the state of Nebraska. Arrest warrants are carried out when the person is convicted of a crime in Omaha County or Omaha and neighboring counties.

Warrant records are kept in two places, the courthouse in each county and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). If you want information about a warrant or an arrest, you need to contact the courthouse. If it is a state warrant, then the person’s name goes into a statewide database. You will need the persons name, date of birth, any aliases the person may use, social security number and date of birth. If it is an arrest warrant, you will need the person’s social security number, a copy of their birth certificate, and their fingerprints.

Warrant records are public information. However, it is up to the courts and the police to maintain these records. Therefore, if someone has been named in a warrant or arrest warrant, they can expect that their personal records will now show up in the searches.

Warrant records are highly sensitive because they give the police and other people enough information to bring a person to trial. If the person fails to appear at their court date, then their warrant records will become public record. This is the main reason that people want to access these records. They want to find out if they are legally allowed to carry a weapon, how much income or assets they have, and where they will live after their trial. People who are accused of serious crimes have their warrant records expunged so that they cannot be used against them in the future.

These records are very helpful to anyone who has been involved in any type of accident involving another vehicle. Accidents can happen anywhere, but police officers have more time to investigate a person’s background before making an arrest. If they are able to find out a person’s criminal record, they can at least avoid an unnecessary arrest. If a person has a clean record, then they won’t have to worry about their records getting expunged.

The warrants are public records, but not all police departments give access to them. Some states require a person to be on their state’s database before they can get a copy of their record. Others only allow certain agencies to have access to the statewide system. If you want to find out whether your driver’s license, student records, or any other types of records are automatically accessible through your local jurisdiction, then you can just visit their website to see if the records are there or not. You might also want to check to see if your local police department will give you a copy of a person’s record since these types of warrants usually have their records.