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(2416)Nemaha County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Nemaha County Sheriff Office / Nemaha County Jail1805 N StreetAuburnNE68305402-274-3139
Nemaha County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Auburn Police Department1805 N StreetAuburnNE68305402-274-4977
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How To Access Criminal Records

Warrant Records in Nemaha County Nebraska are basically all public information and contain information on arrests, searches, seizures and searches that have been or are being conducted. In order to access the record you have to be a resident of Nebraska and have an active driver’s license. The process is extremely simple, you go to the designated Department of Motor Vehicles in Lincoln and surrender your driver’s license upon signing a written agreement. Once the license is surrendered you will then be issued with a Temporary Traffic Control Card which is valid for a certain amount of time. This expires automatically once a period of 30 days has elapsed.

Once you have a copy of your Temporary Traffic Control Card you can search any of the two types of criminal records search pages found on the DMV website. The department keeps a record of all persons convicted of criminal offenses within Nebraska and you can access this record online through their website at any time. If there are no arrest warrants or court orders recorded against the person then you can search for these records. warrants are issued when a person is arrested for a warrant of a crime and they cannot be found. A search can be conducted for warrants that have been issued by local law enforcement as well.

Within the criminal records search page you will find various pieces of information pertaining to the person’s past. If there are warrants issued out for their arrest, their full name and date of birth, address, current address and any other pertinent records. You can also learn about any sexual crimes that occurred involving this person. If this person has previously lived in different states, their residency status and how long they’ve been a resident can also be obtained.

You can also access a person’s criminal records from their marriage history. If they have been married more than once, you can learn their civil union status, their maiden name and where they were born. You can even obtain a copy of their divorce decree. If the person you’re searching for has any outstanding warrants out for their arrest, this will make it very difficult for them to simply disappear into the ether.

If a person has been in a violent accident and their warrant records have been cleared, you might want to perform a search for them. Just because you don’t know their name, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to find out their whereabouts. If a person has left the country, their warrant records could show up. If they have moved around the country at some point, this may also provide clues. If a person has financial troubles and their bank statements do not reflect a steady stream of income, this could be an indication of warrants being outstanding for their arrest.

With warrants, a person can be held criminally liable for anything that they did while they were on the run. There are many things a person can be charged with when they are either missing or committing crimes in different states. When performing a criminal records search online, you can find out which offenses are linked to which warrant records. If you are suspicious of your partner, you can perform a search to see who they have been married to and if there are any divorce records as well. This will help you gain more insight into the person you are suspecting.