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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2238)Dawson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Dawson County Sheriffs Office / Dawson County Jail709 North Grant StreetLexingtonNE68850308-324-3011
Dawson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cozad Police Department229 East 8th StreetCozadNE69130308-784-2366
Gothenburg Police Department405 9th StreetGothenburgNE69138308-537-3608
Lexington Police Department406 East 7th StreetLexingtonNE68850308-324-2317
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Warrant Records – Overview

Warrant Records in Dawson County, Nebraska are available to the public. All warrants and affidavits related to any criminal acts must be filed within two years after commission. However, these are not a part of the public domain, thus need to be obtained through the Nebraska State Patrol or Nebraska Highway Patrol for you to have access to them. The State of Nebraska does not maintain records on warrants, arrests, criminal and traffic charges, sexual offenders, etc.

You will find public records for people within their residence, employer, schools, churches, day care centers, and more. If you are looking for background information on someone, this can help you locate that person quickly. You will get access to convictions, pending charges, names, addresses, phone numbers, criminal history, aliases, and so much more. These records are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Performing an Online Search makes this easy to do.

Background Records in Dawson County, Nebraska can be searched using a person’s name, maiden name, social security number, date of birth, or current address. You can obtain a search report within minutes of submitting the information. If there is additional information that you need on a specific person, you can provide that as well. This is great if you are trying to obtain public records of a person that has moved into the area or just wants more specific information about a certain person.

Warrant Records are not only limited to public institutions. Businesses can also utilize these records. A business can use the information to determine if the applicant has any previous felonies or any other infractions. Business owners can use it as an employee background check. There are also records for investigating possible terrorists. Some private detectives use these records to determine if someone is cheating on their significant other.

These searches are considered a legal necessity due to the person’s privacy rights. It protects the innocent from being harmed and allows employers to make hiring decisions. However, if there is any legitimate reason to conduct one, the courts will allow it since it falls under the state and federal constitutions.

To find out more about warrants and warrant records in general, you can consult an experienced criminal lawyer. He will be able to give you advice and guidance in regards to your individual needs and how to go about getting the information you need. Since warrants can be revoked, it is important to be aware of the status of your warrant records. If you fail to remove them, you could be held criminally liable.