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(2423)Platte County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Platte County Probation Department2610 14th StreetColumbusNE68601402-563-4910
Platte County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Platte County Sheriffs Office2610 14th StreetColumbusNE68601402-564-3229
Columbus Police Department2419 14th StreetColumbusNE68601402-564-3201
D-Tac Defense Systems1260 25th AvenueColumbusNE68601402-564-9339
Humphrey Police Department403 Main StreetHumphreyNE68642402-923-0224
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The Importance of Searching Warrant Records

We have all heard of a person’s constitutional right to privacy and that the “warrant record” will show any such communications. However, in Platte County, Nebraska there are no public warrant records available which severely limits the ability of people to keep track of their own history. If you are having trouble with the criminal justice system in Platte County, there is help available. You may need to hire an attorney to get your own criminal history taken care of. An experienced attorney will know the laws as well as the importance of keeping these records private.

There are two types of warrants that are available. First, there is an arrest warrant. This lets police know that a person has been arrested for a criminal offense. If a person fails to appear at their court date, this information will be made public. Even if a person doesn’t have an outstanding warrant, it might still be wise to search for a criminal record. It never hurts to be on your guard against strangers.

Second, there is a civil warrant for criminal behavior. A civil warrant is simply a request by a person that a person be arrested or have their signature on a document. If the request isn’t approved, the person can face fines or penalties for not complying. These warrants are important to investigate before hiring a new employee or before letting a new neighbor in. If there is an outstanding warrant out for your person, it’s a good idea to search for it as well.

While the above two warrants can be issued by any local police authority, the penalties involved make it hard to ignore them. When a person doesn’t follow their court date, they risk losing their job or paying fines. Also, failure to appear at a court hearing on a civil case will result in the cancellation or termination of a person’s driver’s license.

Many times, a warrant is issued based on someone’s appearance at a court proceeding. If you’re looking to hire a new employee or run a driving record search, you need to be aware of anyone’s previous arrest or criminal history. If they have been convicted of domestic violence, theft, fraud or anything else related to a crime, their criminal records could show up. You should search for warrants through the local courthouse in the county where the person lives. Most courthouses maintain public access to their records and you can use this resource to find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest.

Finally, if you’ve been a victim of a criminal act, you can request a copy of the warrant. In order to obtain one, you’ll need to get a copy of the person’s state and federal criminal records. However, you may not have access to a person’s arrest record until ten years after the incident occurred. Warrant records can help you keep track of an outstanding warrant or give you a peace of mind when hiring a new employee or running a driving record search. They can also help protect your family and property by letting you know if someone is trying to abuse your trust.