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Howard County Sheriffs Office612 Indian StreetSt. PaulNE68873308-754-5433
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Saint Paul Police Department514 Grand StreetSt. PaulNE68873308-754-9112
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Warrant Records Are Important

Warrant records in Howard County, Nebraska are maintained by the clerks of court. These records allow a state or county official to determine if a person is a danger and should be arrested and taken to jail. The records are kept on criminal cases that go to trial or on minor traffic offenses. You can search through the records to see who a person has married, if they have had any criminal charges filed against them, or if someone has been arrested for a sex offense.

It is important to remember that warrants are one of the most public records in the state. A person can be arrested and put in jail without a warrant being shown if the person fails to appear at their court date. You should take care not to give out your Social Security number because the only information that will be revealed is that person’s name and state where they live.

Searching a record like this can prove to be very useful. If you are suspicious about a person’s character, you can check to see if there are any warrants out for their arrest. If you have children in your home, it can be especially helpful to check to see if a parent has been arrested for a sexual offense. A background check can help protect you and your family from sex offenders.

There are different ways that you can access a persons criminal records. One option is to go online and visit the county clerk’s office where the warrant is filed. This will only reveal warrant information related to a person’s criminal history. You will not be able to get any information if the person you want to look up has never had a warrant issued against them. If the person you want to look up does have a warrant issued against them, however, you will still not be able to find it online.

Many times, a person will be arrested and their warrant records will not be available online. This is because these records are considered to be private records and therefore cannot be accessed by the general public. Instead, you need to contact the courthouse where the arrest took place to see if they keep records on file. This can be a real pain, but is still an option.

If you do not feel comfortable looking up a person’s criminal history on your own, you may want to consider getting a professional criminal background check. This will allow you to know exactly what kind of person this person is. By using a professional background service, you will get peace of mind knowing you have made the right decision. It would also be wise to talk with a number of different people before deciding to hire someone to perform a criminal background check. You should always feel comfortable with the person who is going to perform this search on you.