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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Howard County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Howard County Clerk612 Indian StreetSt. PaulNE68873308-754-4192
Dannebrog City Hall104 Mill Street SouthDannebrogNE68831308-226-2422
Howard County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Howard County Clerk Marriage Applications
Howard County Clerk Website
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Howard County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples1,526 (57.5%)
Unmarried Couples134 (2.1%)
Never Married Men559 (22.0%)
Never Married Women420 (16.5%)
Separated Men29 (1.1%)
Separated Women21 (0.8%)
Widowed Men173 (6.8%)
Widowed Women318 (12.5%)
Divorced Men201 (7.9%)
Divorced Women266 (10.4%)

Where To Look For Marriage Records

Howard County is one of the states that preserve vital records through the Freedom of Information Act. This means that all public information that is filed in any state can be obtained by any individual, organization or government agency. In Howard County, marriage records are maintained in the Clerk of the court’s Office, although they are stored electronically. There are certain rules and regulations that govern the release of such information.

For instance, a person should not obtain the records for any purpose except to establish a bona fide relationship with a person concerned. The same holds true for those who conduct investigations about someone else’s background. Such records are supposed to be confidential, but the courts have the authority to allow public access to some of this information. To facilitate the release of such information, it is made public only after a formal request.

The first place to look for county-by-county information in Howard County, Nebraska is on the official county website. Here you will find comprehensive information about each county and district. You will also find links to government agencies and organizations that furnish such information. You can also perform an Internet search using keywords like marriage records, divorce records or marriage and divorce records. A list of websites offering such services is displayed.

Another source of information about marriage records is the National Marriage Research Archives. The website of the National Marriage Research Archives contains a directory listing of all sites where such records are available. You can use this resource anytime you need to locate someone’s record. You will just need to enter the names of the couple and the state or county where they were married. The database will provide you with information such as the location of the marriage and the names of the groom and bride.

One more option for obtaining records is through the Howard County Record Department. They maintain a database of the records all through the state. Though they are considered a non-profit organization, the cost of their services is nominal. The fee includes searching all the public databases.

It is best to perform your research on marriage records in Howard County through the services provided by the county. This will help you save money on processing the records as you can rely on the records being made accessible to you by the public. If you want to be completely sure of the authenticity of the information, you can also request it from the Vital Records Office of Howard County. They have the authority to release the information you requested so long as you are not violating any laws. In fact, you will be required to show legitimate reasons to justify your request before they will grant your request.