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Hamilton County Sheriffs Office / Hamilton County Jail715 12th StreetAuroraNE68818402-694-6936
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Aurora Police Department715 12th StreetAuroraNE68818402-694-5815
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Warrant Records – Search to Find Out About a Person’s Warrant

Searching for warrant records in Hamilton County, Nebraska can be a tedious task. You want to search and find out the warrant for your own crime but you don’t know where to look or how to begin your search. Warrant records are public information and they are kept in the county court house. They tell if a person was convicted of a crime and the crime they were convicted of. There are two different types of warrants. A civil warrant is for things that are not against the law and a criminal warrant is for things that are against the law but have not yet been convicted.

Warrant records will give you the full name and address of the person who owns the property that the warrant is for. If the person you are searching for has a listed phone number it can also be found. If they have a place of business there will be a business address listed as well. You can get this information at any police department or courthouse in the county where the person lives.

You will need to go to the courthouse and fill out an application to get access to the public record. If the person you want to search has a criminal record then you must first get a criminal background check before you can proceed with the warrant search. Criminal background checks can cost you a small fee but it is better than not knowing and having a mistake on your record. If you do not know if the person has a criminal record then you can do an online search to see if the person has a criminal record. In some states you can do a criminal background check without showing proof of the person’s identity.

Searching warrant records will give you all sorts of information on the person that you are looking for. You will find the crime they were convicted of, their birth date, their date of birth, their criminal history and other warrant information. You can also find out if they have ever been arrested for anything. A person can have many warrants issued for their own crimes. If a person does not have a good criminal record then they can still get a warrant issued for them. If you want to know who a person is then you should search to find out about their warrant status.

You can also know whether a person has ever been married or divorced. This is very important because it may help you prevent a relationship with a person that is either illegal or dangerous. You can also search to see if they have ever been in jail or in prison. The last thing you want to do is hire someone to work for you that is a convicted felon. This can prevent you from protecting yourself from sex offenders. There are many other reasons why you would want to know whether a person has a warrant issued against them.

You should always look at the warrant records when you hire a new employee. This is one of the first things that the hiring manager will ask you about. If you are careful and do not give any false information then you should not have to worry about this. You should be able to have peace of mind that the person that you are hiring is honest and will not hurt you or your family.