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(2405)Kimball County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Kimball City Police Department223 South Chestnut StreetKimballNE69145308-235-3608
Kimball County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Kimball County Sheriffs Office / Kimball County Jail114 East 3rd StreetKimballNE69145308-235-3615
Kimball Police Department219 South Chestnut StreetKimballNE69145308-235-3608
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Kimball County Sex Offender Registry
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Searching For Warrant Records Online

Warrant records are one of the most sensitive pieces of public information in the state. They are kept on every person who has been arrested, but they do not tend to be cross examined or released to the press unless there is a real need to do so. Warrant records tend to fall under two separate categories: criminal records and civil records. These are the types of documents that you can request to see through your public records search in Kimball County, Nebraska.

warrants can be issued for a number of reasons. A person accused of a crime may have their warrant out for their arrest. A person suspected of domestic violence may have their warrant out for their arrest. If someone is accused of DWI or any other type of crime, they will most likely have their warrant out for their arrest as well.

You can order criminal or warrant records from the Kimball County Clerk of Court. These records can be searched online through the county website. The fee for this service is ten dollars in cash or by credit card. You must have identification when you provide your credit card or pay the fee. There is no cost to view the records online for free.

Searching for these records is best done with an internet connection because it can take a while to get all of the data that you need. Another reason that this kind of service is not free is because the paper that the paper documents are stored on has to be updated on a regular basis to keep up with all of the current laws and judicial rulings that affect the records. This also means that the records have to be scanned into a database that is regularly updated.

There is a wide variety of reasons that you would need to access these types of records. It is especially important if you are looking to hire a person to work for you in a certain capacity. You may want to look up all of the criminal records that a potential employee has committed and been convicted of. You may also be hiring a nanny to look after your children while you are away.

You can go about searching for warrant records in two ways. The first way is to hire a private company to do the search for you. The second is to do it yourself by reading through all of the requirements and procedures outlined by each state that requires you to do a search on criminal records.