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(2328)Greeley County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Greeley County Sheriffs Office101 South Kildare StreetGreeleyNE68842308-428-2395
Greeley County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Spalding Police Department211 East Saint Joseph StreetSpaldingNE68665308-497-2416
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Searching For People’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Greeley County, Nebraska are public information. These types of records have been made available by the Nebraska State Patrol and The Nebraska State University Police Department. Performing a search requires that you contact the respective departments for more information. The results are detailed and allow you to see exactly what criminal activity has been performed with the person that you’re searching for.

When conducting a search, you’ll first need to know the person’s name. Enter the person’s name in the search box on the main page of the internet search engine. When the results show up, look over each one very carefully. Pay attention to any discrepancies in spelling or typing errors. This could mean the person lied about their identity. If you see something fishy, contact the proper authorities.

Once you have the person’s name, check the date of birth. You’ll need this in order to find out whether the person was legally issued a warrant at some point. Some warrants may be invalid depending on the date of birth. If the warrant was issued while the person was still a minor, they may not have a valid warrant.

Warrant records are also available online. These records are available for anyone to view regardless of whether they are legal or not. Public records can be viewed for free as well. However, it is important that you contact the proper authorities with any questions or concerns before viewing any public records.

In addition, the United States Department of Justice retains a database of all warrants that have been issued in the country. You can contact this database for assistance in searching a record. This service does require a fee. However, the fee is only a few dollars and is worth every penny. It is possible to see past and present warrants that were issued. It is also possible to do background checks using this service.

In order to get a full picture of a person’s history, you should take the time to learn about how a warrant is issued. You should also know how to look up a warrant. When you are searching a record, the name of the person will appear. When you do a lookup on that person, the first piece of information you will receive is the date the warrant was issued. This is not the only piece of information that will be provided. You will learn the persons name, aliases, current and past addresses, employment information, court records and other warrant information.