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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2181)Buffalo County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Buffalo County Sheriffs Office2025 Avenue AKearneyNE68847308-236-8555
Buffalo County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Kearney Police Department2025 Avenue AKearneyNE68847308-237-2104
Ravenna Police Department416 Grand AvenueRavennaNE68869308-452-3273
Shelton Police Department219 C StreetSheltonNE68876308-647-5484
University Of Nebraska At Kearney Police And Parking Services2507 19th AvenueKearneyNE68849308-865-8517
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Searching Through Warrant Records is Easy

Warrant Records in Buffalo County, Nebraska are an important part of the legal system. These documents show a person has been arrested for a crime, that they have committed and are about to be tried in court. The documents will also reveal if the person is on parole, on probation, or has been to jail. The information provided by these records is public record, so anyone can look up the information themselves and use it if they feel the person they are searching for is wrong.

A warrant will be filed with the court, stating that the person accused of the crime has failed to appear as required and can now be held in jail. The failure to appear can occur several days to several weeks before the actual trial. If the person does not appear in court, their warrant will be issued until they do.

Warrant records will contain the person’s name, legal history, current address, their current work location, telephone number, date of birth and social security number. In many instances, it will also contain other information as well. However, the record will usually say the person was taken into custody because the authorities believe they committed a crime or there is reason to believe they may have committed a crime. It may also say the person was investigated for a sex offense or other type of crime.

If you want to know if a person has a warrant for their arrest, you will have to go down to the courthouse in warrants area and ask to see the warrant. You will need the persons name and the crime for which they are accused. If you already know this, you will be able to tell if the person is innocent or guilty. If you have any doubt, you should consult with an experienced legal advisor before you proceed. The legal advisor may be able to tell you how the courts in your county operate when it comes to issuing warrants.

Searching through warrant records can often be difficult since most warrants are not filed in the correct place. Many times, people with warrants will attempt to hide them out of the public eye. You can be sure that other people know that they have one, so they will try to avoid you and your business. If you have to do a search on a person’s name, you will have to either hire a private investigator or pay someone else to do it. A private investigator can cost thousands of dollars.

Another problem that can arise from hiding a warrant is that it will make it harder for you to gain employment. If you are looking to get a job, you will have to prove to potential employers that you did not have a criminal record. Most employers will not consider someone with a warrant past their first interview. You can avoid this issue by informing the potential employer that you are being investigated for a warrant.