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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2476)Sarpy County Police Departments
Bellevue Police Department2207 Washington StreetBellevueNE68005402-293-3100
Sarpy County Police Departments
Bellevue Police Department - Southroads Sub Station1001 Fort Crook Road NorthBellevueNE68005402-293-3086
La Vista Police Department7701 South 96th StreetLa VistaNE68128402-331-1582
Papillion Police Department145 West 2nd StreetPapillionNE68046402-597-2035
Papillion Police Department1000 East 1st StreetPapillionNE68046402-597-2035
Sarpy County Sheriff Department
Sarpy County Sheriffs Department / Sarpy County Jail1208 Golden Gate DrivePapillionNE68046402-593-2288
Sarpy County Probation Department
Sarpy County Probation Department7511 South 36th StreetBellevueNE68147402-593-2346
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Warrant Records – What Are They and How Can You Find Them?

A warrant is a court order that authorizes a law enforcement officer to detain a person for a specified period of time. Such warrants may be issued by a judge or a jury. A warrant can be issued for any lawful purpose by a judge. Warrants are issued based on specific information provided by the person accused. Warrant records are retained in the county office where the arrest was made. Warrant records are considered public information and are readily available to the general public through online searches and records providers.

There are numerous reasons that would allow a person to be arrested for a warrant. Warrant records are used as evidence at the trial of a person charged with a crime. Criminal defense attorneys frequently use these records to assess their clients potential defense against serious charges. Police departments utilize them when they want to look up someone who has been reported missing. If you have been arrested for a warrant, it is important to understand what your warrant is and to immediately contact your local law enforcement agency.

There are many ways that a warrant may be obtained. Searching for your own warrant records is fairly easy. You can find these records in the county clerk’s office if you are living in Sarpy County, Nebraska. If you are not living in Nebraska, you can obtain these records through a variety of online services. You can contact the Department of Licensing in your state to determine whether there are any warrants out for your person’s arrest.

If you are attempting to hire a contractor and do not know the person’s legal history, it is important to thoroughly research the prospective employees background. If you find something that looks suspicious, you should decline the person and move on to another candidate. There are too many risks to trusting an individual with this type of clearance. If something does show up, you need to act quickly to prevent the harm being done.

A warrant may also be issued based on information that you find online. For example, someone who is abusing drugs may have a record of using fake identification. Another example, someone may be trying to use a stolen social security number to apply for employment. You may even see online a warrant for a person’s arrest based on an outstanding traffic ticket. These warrants are usually issued by local law enforcement agencies and can be found in your local district clerk’s office.

The only way to be sure that you have the right person is to enlist the help of an attorney. While most warrants are handled locally, it is possible that they have been transferred to another jurisdiction. In this case, an experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to make sure that your rights are protected. If you have any doubts about the accuracy of the information online, you can contact your local courthouse to have a records check performed. Even if you find the information is correct, a professional defense attorney can make sure the person is not being charged with a crime that they did not commit.