Douglas County Nebraska Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2273)Douglas County Police Departments
Bennington Police Department15514 Warehouse StreetBenningtonNE68007402-238-2067
Douglas County Police Departments
Bennington Police Department11402 North 156th StreetBenningtonNE68007402-238-2067
Boys Town Police Department13940 Gutowski RoadBoys TownNE68010402-498-1170
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police4302 Gibson RoadOmahaNE68108402-422-5217
Elkhorn Police Department401 Glenn StreetOmahaNE68022402-289-2132
Nebraska State Patrol - Troop A - Omaha4411 South 108th StreetOmahaNE68127402-331-3333
Omaha Airport Authority4501 Abbott DriveOmahaNE68110402-661-8000
Omaha Police Department - Headquarters505 South 15th StreetOmahaNE68102402-444-5818
Omaha Police Department - Northeast Precinct4316 North 30th StreetOmahaNE68111402-444-6916
Omaha Police Department - Northwest Precinct10245 Wiesman DriveOmahaNE68134402-444-3765
Omaha Police Department - Southeast Precinct2475 Deer Park BoulevardOmahaNE68105402-444-4041
Omaha Police Department - Southwest Precinct9864 M StreetOmahaNE68127402-444-6116
Ralston Police Department7400 Main StreetRalstonNE68127402-331-1786
Union Pacific Railroad Police Department1400 Douglas StreetOmahaNE68179402-544-5000
Valley Police Department203 North Spruce StreetValleyNE68064402-359-2251
Waterloo Police Department509 South Front StreetWaterlooNE68069402-779-4104
Douglas County Sheriff Departments
Douglas County Sheriffs Office - Records And Warrants Department1616 Leavenworth StreetOmahaNE68102402-444-6641
Douglas County Sheriffs Office - Riddle Substation3601 North 156th StreetOmahaNE68116541-874-2760
Douglas County DEA Office
Omaha Nebraska DEA Office2707 North 108th PlazaOmahaNE68164402-965-3600
Douglas County FBI Offices
Omaha Nebraska FBI Office10755 Burt StreetOmahaNE68114402-493-8688
Omaha Nebraska FBI Office4411 South 121st StreetOmahaNE68137402-493-8688
Douglas County Probation Department
Douglas County Probation Department8303 Spring StreetOmahaNE68124402-444-7852
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The Benefits Of Having Access To Warrant Records

Douglas County is one of the states most populous counties in the state of Nebraska and holds over ten percent of the population of Nebraska. That is quite a lot of people that have either a warrant out for their arrest or a person that has been arrested and warrants out for their arrest. One way that people can check to see if they have a warrant is to use the Vital Records Office in the county where they live. This office can check to see if someone has a criminal record, but most people will simply use the county Records Office when they are searching for records.

Most of the Vital Records Searches done in Douglas County are requests made by the courts. An applicant will need to fill out an application that explains why they are requesting the records and how they would like to obtain them. They will also be required to pay a small fee for the records that they request. Once all the information is submitted the records are checked, updated and then mailed to the applicant.

If a person wants to check to see if they do have a criminal record then they can call the office and ask to speak with someone at the records division. Then another procedure is followed and the person will be fingerprinted. The fingerprint is taken and a hard copy is sent to the person’s office. From there it is a simple matter of viewing the results and determining if a warrant is active or not.

There are many reasons why a person might want to request a record of a person’s criminal past. They may be employing someone, hiring a nanny, looking to rent a house or pre-approving a mortgage. Many of the checks that you can perform on someone will be completely free. However, there will be a minimal charge for other more detailed searches. When a person performs a criminal record check they are checking more than simply the person’s name. They are checking to see if there are any warrants out for their arrest and this could come back to haunt them if they are not careful.

Another reason that a person would need to check into their warrant records is if they are suspicious about anyone in their life. Maybe they saw something happen on the job that indicated that the person had been drinking and they suspected that this person may be involved in some type of illegal activity. If they do have a warrant then they can be arrested at the time of their arrest. If the suspect is innocent then they may very well clear themselves at this stage but if they are in fact guilty then they can be forced to stand trial. This means that a warrant will most likely be found, which will have all the records on it pertaining to the person in question.

Warrant records are considered public information and anyone who is interested in them will have access to them. If you need to check into a person’s warrant history then there is no cost for you to do so. There is also no reason to hide such records from someone because they may not want to find them. They are perfectly acceptable to use in any way that you feel necessary.