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Cass County Sheriffs Office / Cass County Jail336 Main StreetPlattsmouthNE68048402-296-9370
Plattsmouth Police Department336 Main StreetPlattsmouthNE68048402-296-3311
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How to Locate Someone With Their Perpetual Criminal Record

Warrant records are public information in Cass County, Nebraska. This includes warrants of arrests, court orders granting summary ejections, jail arrest warrants, and other outstanding warrants. warrants can be issued for any crime, and are records of the courts case. The person listed on the warrant may not have permission to be on the premises or they may have been convicted of a crime. This means that they can be arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The first step when you want to obtain warrant information is to locate the jurisdiction in which the warrant was issued. You will then have to either fill out an application with the courts, or go to the courthouse to look up the records. In many cases, the person was convicted of the crime, and their record is available for public scrutiny. If not, the record is sealed by order of the court. You can request a copy of this record either through the courts, through the county sheriff, or from online websites.

Before you go looking for this information, make sure that you find out if the person has ever been prosecuted for a crime. You can do this by checking their records in other states, federal government agencies and law enforcement agencies. Criminal records are considered to be public information. You should never contact a person by mail requesting information regarding any type of criminal offense.

When you contact a person by mail to request criminal records or a warrant search, it is important to always explain your reason for contacting them. Do not just give out the person’s name. You should also tell them whether you plan on using the information to prosecute them, to assist you if they are in danger, or to stop a crime from occurring in your area. Keep in mind that the person you are contacting is entitled to remain silent unless they express otherwise.

Keep in mind that you will only receive accurate and current information from the county sheriff. He/she will not publish any warrant records publicly. The only exception to this rule is if the person has requested the record through one of the two channels mentioned above. If you are looking for a record of a person’s criminal history, then you will most likely be able to get the information you are looking for. This method does not work very well for other information such as a person’s employment history. Because most employers run criminal background checks, you will have to use a different channel.

Warrant records are considered public information. Therefore, anyone can view them. You should only use them if you know the person’s criminal background and/or history. Searching for any type of public records on someone will usually yield the same results as you would if you were looking for criminal background information.