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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(772)Sanilac County Police Departments
Port Sanilac Police Department56 North Ridge RoadPort SanilacMI48469810-622-9131
Sanilac County Police Departments
Port Sanilac Village Police56 South Ridge StreetPort SanilacMI48469810-648-2000
Brown City Police Department4205 Main StreetBrownMI48416810-346-2325
Carsonville Police Department3912 Sheldon StreetCarsonvilleMI48419810-657-9191
Carsonville Police Department4140 East Chandler StreetCarsonvilleMI48419810-657-9191
Croswell Police Department100 North Howard AvenueCroswellMI48422810-679-2200
Deckerville Police Department2521 Black River StreetDeckervilleMI48427810-376-9505
Deckerville Police Department3550 Rangeline RoadDeckervilleMI48427810-376-6651
Lexington Police Department7227 Huron AvenueLexingtonMI48450810-359-8242
Marlette Police Department6436 Morris StreetMarletteMI48453989-635-2008
Michigan State Police District 3 Post 38.1 - Sandusky90 Sanilac RoadSanduskyMI48471810-648-2234
Peck Police Department30 East Lapeer RoadPeckMI48466810-378-5131
Sandusky Police Department26 West Speaker StreetSanduskyMI48471810-648-4016
Sanilac County Sheriff Department
Sanilac County Sheriffs Office / Sanilac County Jail65 North Elk StreetSanduskyMI48471810-648-2000
Sanilac County Probation Departments
Sanilac County Probation Department60 Sanilac RoadSanduskyMI48471810-648-4546
Shiawassee County Probation Department60 Sanilac RoadSanduskyMI48471810-648-4546
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What Is a Warrant Records Search and How it Works?

Warrant Records in Sanilac County, Michigan contain important data that pertain to an individual’s criminal activity. These data are used by the courts, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to determine if there is cause to hold an individual legally accountable for crime. Warrant Records in Sanilac County contain information such as date of birth, current residence, past residence, age, gender, driver license number, and more. This information can aid law enforcement in determining if an individual is guilty of committing crimes, and can help stop criminals from hurting our communities.

In order to find out more information about Sanilac County warrant records, a person may access the online records database at the county courthouse. Searching through the databases of warrants and criminal history data, a person can quickly determine if someone they have an interest in has been arrested or charged with a crime. This can help to prevent the profiling of individuals solely based on their race or gender. Using warrant records, you can determine if someone is entitled to certain services. For instance, if you are interested in hiring a child minder, you can use the person’s background check to see if they have been arrested or charged for sex crimes.

There are different ways to perform a search of Sanilac County records. Individuals can perform a search by using their personal information, or by using a service provided by the county. Individuals can search through the records provided by the courthouse by using their personal information. These searches are highly accurate, but it may take several days to retrieve all the information that is needed. Service providers, on the other hand, allow an individual to instantly access their records by using only their computer.

If a person is wondering about their own criminal records, they can use a public records search to find out all kinds of information. A person can obtain information about prior felonies, as well as records related to traffic tickets, DUIs, drug violations, and more. By using this type of Sanilac County record search, an individual can learn a lot of information without having to hire a detective. Instead, they can simply log on to the internet, and gain access to this detailed information in no time.

When an individual is performing a warrant records search, they will be required to fill out an application. This application will require the applicant to give the county permission to perform the search. The records that are searched are typically kept in individual file boxes at the courthouse. Individuals should be sure that the records that they want to search are kept in an up-to-date, well organized collection. If they do not find what they are looking for, they should send a request letter to the courthouse to inquire about other records that might be helpful.

Warrant records are available to the public. However, they are not supposed to be released unless there is reason to believe that the individual is not who they say they are. Because warrant records have been compiled and made public, many people feel that it is a perfect way to catch a cheating spouse. If a person suspects that their spouse is cheating on them, they can use this information to track down where they are going or who they are with. It is also possible to use these records to help reunite with long lost friends or family members that you have not spoken to in a long time. This type of information can be very beneficial for anyone who needs to find out if they are involved in any legal activities.