Washtenaw County Michigan Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(779)Washtenaw County Police Departments
Ann Arbor Police Department301 East Huron StreetAnn ArborMI48104734-994-2911
Washtenaw County Police Departments
Chelsea Police Department104 East Middle StreetChelseaMI48118734-475-9122
City Of Ann Arbor Police Department100 North 5th AvenueAnn ArborMI48104734-994-2848
Eastern Michigan University Police Department123 Structure DriveYpsilantiMI48197734-487-1222
Hudson Mills Metropark Police Department8801 North Territorial RoadDexterMI48130734-426-8211
Michigan State Police District 2 Post 26 - Ypsilanti1501 South Huron StreetYpsilantiMI48197734-482-1211
Northfield Township Police Department8350 Main StreetWhitmore LakeMI48189734-449-9911
Pittsfield Township Department Of Public Safety6227 West Michigan AvenueAnn ArborMI48108734-944-4911
Pittsfield Township Police Department6227 Michigan AvenueAnn ArborMI48108734-822-4911
Saline Police Department100 North Harris StreetSalineMI48176734-429-7911
University Of Michigan Department Of Public Safety1239 Kipke DriveAnn ArborMI48109734-763-3434
Ypsilanti Police Department505 West Michigan AvenueYpsilantiMI48197734-483-8590
Washtenaw County Sheriff Departments
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office / Washtenaw County Jail2201 Hogback RoadAnn ArborMI48108734-971-8400
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office Station 2 - Ypsilanti7200 South Huron River DriveYpsilantiMI48197734-484-6740
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office Station 3 - Dexter8140 Main StreetDexterMI48130734-426-0228
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office Station 4 - Bridgewater-Manchester Lodi912 City RoadManchesterMI48158734-428-8829
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office Station 5 - Augusta-York11560 Stony Creek RoadMilanMI48160734-439-0777
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office Station 6 - Salem-Superior3040 North Prospect RoadSuperiorMI48198734-484-6788
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office Station 7 - Scio-Webster1055 North Zeeb RoadAnn ArborMI48103734-994-8098
Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office Station 8 - Ypsilanti1405 Holmes RoadYpsilantiMI48198734-481-2720
Washtenaw County Probation Department
Washtenaw County Probation DepartmentPO Box 8645Ann ArborMI48107734-222-3390
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The Importance of Warrant Records

Warrant Records are part of the public domain and are available to anyone who requests them. A Warrant is a court order that authorizes a person or entity to enter into a transaction and perform specific acts. Warrant records contain all the legal paperwork that describes who was ordered to do what, when and where. Warrant records are used in civil litigation and for investigative purposes. For example if a person wanted to rent a swimming pool in Washtenaw County, they would need to have a copy of their tenancy agreement.

Warrants can be issued for a variety of reasons. They may be issued by a judge for an outstanding warrant. A warrant may be issued based on a crime that is committed in another state. Warrant records may be public or private. Public records are free but private records are not. When a crime is committed in another jurisdiction, the suspect may be sent to jail in another jurisdiction but may not be found in the county where the crime was committed.

Criminal records are one of the most important pieces of information. The state of Michigan does not keep national records on sex offenders. However if you are looking to hire a person in Washtenaw County, you can do a search for their criminal background. This can allow you to determine any crimes they may have committed. If you are hiring a nanny for your child or in any other situation, you should be sure that the individual will be well controlled and safe.

Warrant records will allow you to investigate a person without them even knowing. You can obtain a background check on a business owner, new neighbor, anyone you want to hire for a job or anything else. If there is an outstanding criminal warrant out for their arrest, you may find out before you get in to see them.

There are many reasons why someone would want to do a criminal background check. If you are going to rent an apartment, house or any other property, you want to make sure the person you are renting from is who they say they are. You also don’t want to end up with someone who has a horrible criminal history. People use social networking sites all the time to find long lost friends and family members. If you are going to let a stranger into your home, you want to be sure that the person doesn’t have a horrible criminal background.

Warrant records will tell you if a person has a criminal record, even if they are on their way to work. You should always trust your neighbor, but you also don’t want to take any risks with people you just don’t know. If you suspect that a person may be dangerous, you can find out about their past before you let them into your home.

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