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(720)Montmorency County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Montmorency County Probation Department12265 Highway 32AtlantaMI49709989-785-8095
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Montmorency County Sheriffs Office / Montmorency County Jail11045 Michigan 32AtlantaMI49709989-785-4238
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Warrant Records in Montmorency County, Michigan are maintained by the Clerk of the Court. The records list the person that was served with a warrant for a crime, along with their address and name. In some cases, if there was no warrant out for an individual, they still would have their name on the list. This is because warrants are orders that a judge has to issue based on suspicion that a person has committed a certain crime. Warrant records are public information in most municipalities.

If a person fails to appear at his court date for whatever reason, his warrant record will be updated to his new location. If the person who was served with the warrant does not show up for his court date, the warrant will be renewed by the court. The clerk will make every effort to contact the person to ensure that he shows up. Failure to show up results in the immediate termination of their warrant.

Warrant records in Montmorency County contain all the information on a person. These records contain the person’s criminal history, any outstanding warrants that are out for their arrest, their current address, as well as any other relevant information that pertains to their person. If you are interested in checking up on someone, all you need to do is go online and search their warrant records. Many public online records services exist for this purpose. These services can help you get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

One of the most commonly used online resources for warrants is the county courthouse’s website. Most county courthouses maintain a website where one can find information on pending cases as well as court dockets. This includes the person’s criminal history, warrant for arrest, information on any outstanding warrants, and more. It is also possible to get further information by going to the person’s social security number. Some people use this to check up on someone else. If the person has a social security number, there is a strong chance that their name, address, and warrant information may be available.

Searching through a person’s local courthouse’s website can provide you with other helpful information as well. Some of the documents included can show the person’s driving records. This includes traffic violations, any DUI convictions, and other relevant information. Court records can also be searched using this same tool.

The problem with searching for warrant records yourself is knowing if the information is accurate. Sometimes records are misprinted or otherwise incomplete. When in doubt, a professional should always be consulted. It’s better to be safe than sorry!