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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(516)Barry County Police Departments
Barry Township Police Department201 East Orchard StreetDeltonMI49046269-623-5512
Barry County Police Departments
Freeport Police Department200 South State StreetFreeportMI49325616-765-3360
Hastings Police Department201 East State StreetHastingsMI49058269-945-5744
Michigan State Police District 5 Post 58 - Hastings1127 West State StreetHastingsMI49058269-948-8283
Nashville Police Department208 Main StreetNashvilleMI49073517-852-9866
Prairieville Township Police Department10115 South Norris RoadDeltonMI49046269-623-2691
Woodland Township Police Department156 South Main StreetWoodlandMI48897269-367-4915
Barry County Sheriff Departments
Barry County Sheriffs Department1212 West State StreetHastingsMI49058269-948-4805
Barry County Sheriffs Department - Middleville Unit100 East Main StreetMiddlevilleMI49333269-795-9862
Barry County Probation Department
Barry County Probation Department206 West Court StreetHastingsMI49058269-945-1389
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How Do I Search For Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Barry County, Michigan contain a host of information about criminal activity. For instance, they show you if a person was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, for being convicted of domestic violence or for operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They also show you if there has been any sexual activity between a person whom they are legally married to. Warrant records are kept in two different places in Barry County, with one being the City of Barry and one being the county’s judicial building.

A warrant is a legal document from a judge that says that a person has committed a crime and warrants that person’s arrest. This can be used by law enforcement to apprehend someone who they think might commit a crime. It also shows that they have committed a crime at some other time. All felony charges in Barry County are entered into this database. The records are not only used for booking purposes but are also kept for official government purposes like calculating a person’s eligibility for certain licenses and other privileges.

To get access to these records, you will need to contact the Barry County clerk of court and fill out an application. You will have to give your name, address and the crime that you are accused of committing. If you are innocent, the record can show that you are not in reality guilty. However, if you are in fact guilty, you will still have to go through the process of clearing your name. In order to do that, you will have to attend a hearing conducted by the clerk and prove that there is a reason why your name should be removed from the records.

Warrant records are one of the most important resources for anyone who wants to dig into criminal activity that took place in Barry County, Michigan. You can use them to check up on the background of a babysitter that is watching your children or you could run a background check on someone who may be a nanny or live in your home. When you want to hire a new employee to work around your kids, you can use the search to see if he has any criminal records. The search also reveals if the person has had previous arrests or any other civil infractions. It can also tell you if they have been married before and where they were married.

In some circumstances, the search can reveal that a person has been married more than once. If that is true, it can also tell you about their divorce history. The same can be said about criminal activity. If you want to check up on a possible employee, you can learn how to find out about their past and then use it to make an informed decision on whether or not they should be trusted.

Because warrant records are maintained by the state, they are considered public information. However, there are a few rules and regulations regarding what can be reported. Some details are simply not allowed to be reported because they will violate the privacy rights of the person in question. Details that do end up in public records are usually limited to minor details, such as a person’s name, address, phone number, and type of criminal activity.