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(716)Midland County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Midland County Probation Department220 West Ellsworth StreetMidlandMI48640989-832-6760
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Midland County Sheriffs Office2727 Rodd StreetMidlandMI48640989-839-4626
Midland Police Department2727 Rodd StreetMidlandMI48640989-631-5716
Coleman City Police Department201 East Railway StreetColemanMI48618989-465-1711
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What Are Warrant Records?

The Warrant Records in Midland County, Michigan are maintained by the Michigan State Police and they serve as a repository of data for various purposes like carrying out investigations, tracking down individuals, or to conduct criminal background checks. In case you are wondering what is a warrant, it is nothing but a court order to a person wherein the presence of an individual is forbidden. A warrant can be for a specific act, for example, a person can be arrested for drunk driving even without any evident reason like driving home from the pub in the early hours of the morning. Warrants are issued by the judge based on the details provided by the defendants when asked if they had any prior arrests for drunk driving or any other offense.

You can carry out an online search on the Warrant Records in Midland County using various websites. But before you start searching, it is advisable that you should be aware of the requirements and conditions set by the law. These records can be obtained free of cost but some specific information like the person’s age, full name and date of birth needs to be submitted along with the application form. You also need to submit the last place of abode and names of parents along with other relevant information. You can also make use of a paid resource but the quality of information is not guaranteed.

Warrant Records also give more information about an individual like his residential address, personal identifier, phone numbers, address history and so on. This information is also available to the general public and certain authorized organizations. But for the best results, you can always use the online service providers. But make sure that you have hired a legal and reputable firm or organization for conducting your search. The fee that you will pay is quite nominal and is just small amount of money when compared to the benefits that you get.

Some of the top online search providers can also inform you about the criminal history of a person including sexual and domestic offenses. If you are involved in some relationship, then you need to check the person’s past as it may come handy in the future. Searching a person’s past is important in determining the credibility of an individual especially if he has been involved in any illegal activities. It is very crucial to maintain the secrecy of your relationship as your partner would not like to be caught in any scandalous activities.

Warrant records are maintained in different categories and you can choose any of them depending on your requirement. They are categorized into two categories: criminal and civil. Criminal warrant records are used in investigations and prosecution of a person who is involved in any criminal activities. Civil warrant records are used for purposes of protecting one’s civil rights and to investigate a crime that is being committed in the state. The process of acquiring the two different types of warrant records differs in a number of ways.

For criminal records, you need to personally meet the person who is the subject of the record. You will also have to give few of your personal details like your full name, date of birth, gender, occupation and so on. In case, you want to check the civil record of a person then you will have to personally submit the application along with a copy of the police copy or any other public document of the state where the person is living. There is also a fee involved for getting these types of records online. So it is advised to use the services of professional companies that provide these types of services to avoid any hassle.

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