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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(657)Kalkaska County Police Departments
Kalkaska Police Department109 4th StreetKalkaskaMI49646231-258-9081
Kalkaska County Police Departments
Kalkaska Police Department200 Hyde StreetKalkaskaMI49646231-258-9081
Michigan State Police District 7 Post 79 - Kalkaska2089 North Birch StreetKalkaskaMI49646231-258-4112
Garfield Township Police Department466 West Sharon Road SoutheastFife LakeMI49633231-369-2483
Kalkaska County Sheriff Departments
Kalkaska County Sheriff's Office605 North Birch StreetKalkaskaMI49646231-258-8686
Kalkaska County Sheriffs Department / Kalkaska County Jail605 North Birch StreetKalkaskaMI49646231-258-8686
Oceana County Sheriff's Office605 North Birch StreetKalkaskaMI49646231-258-8686
Kalkaska County Probation Department
Kalkaska County Probation Department605 North Birch StreetKalkaskaMI49646231-258-6911
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How to Find Out Someone’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Kalkaska County, Michigan state contain vital information about an individual’s criminal history. Anyone can search these records for free. These records are maintained in the County Clerk’s Office of Kalkaska County and can be requested by any person for a name and/or address of a person they want to search. The person requesting the records must go through the court system or they can go online with the help of a search engine to request the results. In most cases, the records are requested through the internet and mailed directly to the person in question.

Searching for warrants is nothing new. Since the law requires it, anyone who wants to check up on someone has to know where to look and what to look for to determine if the person has a criminal background. Before the ability to get these records was made public, it was often difficult and costly to do a criminal background search. Now, anyone can have access to these records at their fingertips and no longer have to pay for expensive professional services.

A criminal record can include many different things. For example, an arrest warrant is simply when a police department has issued a warrant for an individual’s arrest. These warrants are usually for either an outstanding warrant or an arrest for an alleged crime. warrants can also be issued for other infractions such as drinking and driving, disorderly conduct, theft, assault, fraud, and more.

Warrant records will list the person’s name and address at the time the warrant was issued. The name and address will also show where the person is being arrested. It is important to know whether or not the person has previous arrests or charges. The more past offenses, the more chances of the person getting a repeat charge.

When requesting a person’s address, make sure the information is current and up to date. This is because the address may not change after an arrest has been made. The person’s name and address are considered public information so it should be easy to find. If you can’t find the person’s address after performing a search, then call the local police department or the county courthouse.

Obtaining arrest warrant information is easy if you know what you are doing. It doesn’t hurt to ask for the person’s social security number so that you can run a criminal records check on them. The most reliable method of obtaining this information is by doing an internet search using the person’s name and any variations that may come up. By doing a background check using public records, you will be able to get the most accurate information.