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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(525)Chippewa County Police Departments
Chippewa County Sheriff Department325 Court StreetSault Ste. MarieMI49783906-635-6355
Chippewa County Police Departments
Bay Mills Tribal Police Department12099 West Lakeshore DriveBrimleyMI49715
Kinross District Police Department4884 West Curtis StreetKinrossMI49788906-495-5889
Michigan State Police District 8 Post 82 - Sault Sainte Marie3900 Interstate 75 Business SpurSault Ste. MarieMI49783906-632-2217
Michigan State Police District 8 Post 82.1 - Newberry7942 Michigan 123ParadiseMI49768906-293-5152
Sault Sainte Marie Police Department325 Court StreetSault Ste. MarieMI49783906-632-5744
Sault Ste. Marie Tribal Police Department2175 Shunk RoadSault Ste. MarieMI49783
Straits Correctional Facility4387 Michigan 80KinrossMI49788906-495-5674
Chippewa County Sheriff Department
Chippewa County Sheriffs Office / Chippewa County Jail325 Court StreetSault Ste. MarieMI49783906-635-6355
Chippewa County Probation Department
Chippewa County Probation Department325 Court StreetSault Ste. MarieMI49783906-635-6322
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How to Check to See If Someone You Know Has a Warrant

Warrant Records in Chippewa County, MI are maintained by the Circuit Court of Appeals. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, then you may want to find out if there are warrants out for your arrest. There is no way to know this for sure until you get the records, but knowing they are out there will give you some peace of mind. There are many reasons that people look into getting this information and some of them are legal ones while others are simply concerned about their safety and the security of their family and their belongings.

First, there are warrants out for one reason only, to arrest a person for a crime. These warrants are a part of the justice system and the procedures in Michigan are designed to prevent any person from interfering with the process of law. This includes people with warrants for their own arrest. When a warrant is issued, it shows to the world that there is something that the courts require that they have done. Therefore, having a warrant out for your arrest means that the person has done something that the court wants him or her to do and the warrant is there to fulfill the demand.

Therefore, it can be very helpful to get this information. You may be a person that has been accused of a crime and these records will let you know whether or not you should proceed with your defense or accept whatever sentence you may be given. If you find yourself in a situation where you may need to defend yourself, then you need to know the facts about the charges against you. If you were to go into a court room unprepared, you may find yourself not appearing or defending yourself and this could jeopardize your case.

Another important reason to search for these records is to check up on a possible business relationship. For instance, if you are looking to rent some property or maybe buy some property, then you will want to know the background of the people you are talking to. Searching for a person’s criminal history will show you whether or not that person has rental complaints, any rental agreements, or any other things that you need to know about a potential landlord or property owner. The best part is, you do not even need to hire a lawyer to search for the criminal records since you can perform the search yourself in the comfort of your own home. In fact, the only thing you will have to do is go online and visit one of the many sites that offer you access to these criminal records database.

Many of the criminal record search sites that you find online will give you access to a national database that contains millions of different government and police files. This means that if you perform a search for a warrant, then you will be able to access the records from all over the country. This means that you will not have to travel anywhere to get the information that you need. Therefore, if you are being asked to pay for this record, you may want to try another website. These sites will charge you a minimal fee for the service, but the information that you will receive from them is worth the price.

If you want to learn whether or not a person you know has a criminal background, then you should check to see if they have a criminal record with the police. You can also search for warrants and criminal background information using an online site that offers access to these types of records. However, since there are many online sites that offer this service, it is always best to use a trusted website.