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(446)Alcona County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Alcona County Probation Department106 North 5th StreetHarrisvilleMI48740989-724-9590
Alcona County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Alcona County Sheriffs Department / Alcona County Jail214 West Main StreetHarrisvilleMI48740989-724-6271
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Warrant Records in Alcona County, Michigan are maintained by the Clerk of the Courts and they are available to anyone who requests them. The records include any person arrested for committing a crime, the person convicted of a crime, and even the person on parole. If you are in need of this information, all you have to do is go down to the Clerk’s Office and fill out an application to get these records. Then you will be mailed the records within a short period of time.

Warrant Records in Alcona County are considered public information, so everyone is entitled to obtain them. However, there are some restrictions as to how the records can be accessed. If you are an employer looking to hire someone into your company, you may not be able to hire someone if they have a criminal record. Also, if you are the resident of Alcona and are interested in searching for any information on a person living within the city, you will be unable to access the records without first requesting the release of the person’s criminal history.

The records also reveal information on any warrants that have been issued against a person. These warrants are considered “bailable” or “fugitive” evidence. This means that if the person who you are searching for were to appear in court, the evidence can be used in court. There are different laws that cover the possession of this evidence. It depends on the state that the crime was committed in. For example, some states allow the evidence be kept indefinitely while others require it to be destroyed after a certain amount of time.

When searching through a person’s warrant records, one of the most important pieces of information is the crime the person has been charged with. This can tell you if the person has a prior criminal record, if they were arrested for a specific crime, or if they are being investigated for a specific crime. Usually the information provided will be comprehensive. It will include the person’s conviction, charges against, time served in jail, dates and locations of all court appearances, case numbers and dates of each arrest, charges, disposition reports and status letters.

To obtain these records you will need to either go directly to the courthouse where the person served their sentence or go through a private agency. Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks. Because there is no centralized criminal background records database, you will have to submit requests for information to various counties, cities, districts and states. Also, since not all counties or cities have the same database, the accuracy of the records may vary from county to county. This can lead to inaccurate information.

Since warrants are often associated with criminal activity, it is possible that other people may have a warrant out for their arrest. If they have served their time and have not been convicted of a crime, their record may be cleared. However, the chances are very good that they do have a criminal record. So before hiring someone you need to verify that they do have a clean criminal record. Doing a comprehensive background check will help to ease your mind and ensure that the person you are considering for a position of employment is suitable for the job.