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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(517)Bay County Police Departments
Bay City Police Department501 3rd StreetBayMI48708989-892-8571
Bay County Police Departments
Michigan State Police District 3 Post 31 - Bay City405 North Euclid AvenueBayMI48706989-684-2235
Auburn Police Department101 East Elm StreetAuburnMI48611989-662-6768
Delta Community College Department Of Public Safety1961 Delta RoadBayMI48706989-686-9112
Essexville Department Of Public Safety1107 Woodside AvenueEssexvilleMI48732989-892-2541
Hampton Township Police Department745 West Center RoadEssexvilleMI48732989-892-0571
Pinconning Police Department208 South Manitou StreetPinconningMI48650989-879-4270
Bay County Sheriff Department
Bay County Sheriffs Office / Bay County Jail503 3rd StreetBayMI48708989-895-4050
Bay County FBI Office
Bay City Michigan FBI Office115 First StreetBayMI48708989-892-6525
Bay County Probation Department
Bay County Probation Department1230 Washington AvenueBayMI48708989-895-4250
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Warrant Records Search – How to Find Out Whether You Have Been Arrested

Warrant Records are public information in Bay County, Michigan. For anyone who is interested, there are several different types of information available to them. Some are criminal records, some are civil, and some are both. There are many types of people who will find interest in these documents.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the county keep a record of all arrests, searches, seizures and other data on warrants that have been issued under the state and federal laws. Warrant records are a very valuable source of information for both prosecutors and law enforcement officers. These records allow them to easily track down those who break the law and for investigations into crimes.

Warrant records can tell a lot about a person. If an individual is wanted on a warrant, they will be found in the local jurisdiction in which they were arrested. Warrant records are public information and most counties make these records freely available to any person who is requesting them.

When a warrant is issued, a police officer will show up at the person’s place of employment and arrest the person. The warrant states the reasons for the arrest and may include a description of what may be found at the suspect’s place of residence or in their car if they are taken into custody. The record states if there was any probable cause to believe that the person committed the crime at the time of the arrest. The record also shows the name of the arresting officer, the date of the arrest, the name and badge number of the arresting officer, and information pertinent to the case.

Some people may not even be aware that they have a warrant out for their arrest. This is because many states do not make this information available to the public. However, if a person is contacted by the authorities either by a law enforcement agency or by someone looking to hire them, they may discover that they have a warrant. Without knowing about the existence of the warrant, the person will not be able to leave the premises until the warrant has been canceled or expired. This could very well mean that the person will not be able to get a new job.

If you have any warrants out for your arrest, you will need to go through the court system in order to find out about them. These records can show any traffic violations that you have gotten in the past, any felonies that you may have committed, as well as other information relevant to the case. Without this information, it may be difficult for you to rent an apartment or even get a new job. If you suspect that you have a warrant, you should contact the local courthouse in your area and discuss how to get this information.