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Oceana County Sex Offender Registry
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(724)Oceana County Police Departments
Hart Police Department407 South State StreetHartMI49420231-873-2488
Oceana County Police Departments
Michigan State Police District 6 Post 64.1 - Hart3793 West Polk RoadHartMI49420231-873-2171
New Era Police Department2665 Garfield RoadNew EraMI49446
Pentwater Police Department325 South Hancock StreetPentwaterMI49449231-869-4630
Pentwater Police Department326 South Hancock StreetPentwaterMI49449231-869-4630
Rothbury Police Department7804 South Michigan AvenueRothburyMI49452231-894-2385
Shelby Police Department36 West 3rd StreetShelbyMI49455231-861-6269
Shelby Police Department189 North Maple StreetShelbyMI49455
Village Of Walkerville Police Department121 South StreetWalkervilleMI49459231-873-5842
Oceana County Sheriff Department
Oceana County Sheriffs Office / Oceana County Jail216 Lincoln StreetHartMI49420231-873-3967
Oceana County Probation Department
Oceana County Probation Department314 South State StreetHartMI49420231-873-4776
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Oceana Vital Records – How To Search For Oceana Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Oceana County, Michigan are available to anyone who needs them. These records have to be searched by a peace officer and then certified by the county or state that they pertain to. This information is considered public record, unless it specifically states otherwise. In that case, it can only be viewed by a person who has a legitimate reason to do so.

There are two main reasons that a warrant may be issued by a judge. One is for suspicion of an immediate threat to the person’s safety or for an ongoing investigation. If an officer does find reasons to issue a warrant, there is a process that needs to be followed before the person can have their warrant lifted.

Warrant Records in Oceana County can be a great resource when it comes to checking up on a person. However, there are some reasons that they can become a problem. The most common reason is if you are not doing something like you should be. For example, if you go to a job interview without knowing that you will be leaving the place any time soon, this can cause you to end up with a warrant. This can put you at risk of not being able to get to work and also put your job at risk. It’s important to follow all of the rules of the court and county that you are going to be submitting to so that you don’t violate any laws or policy.

Warrant records are also used for employers and landlords. When a person applies for a certain type of job, they may submit proof of residency. Without proper verification, the hiring manager or landlord may decide not to hire that person. If they do find reasons to do so, they need to make sure that the person is not on any other public records. With a public records search, you can access Oceana county warrant records and make sure that the person has no criminal record.

Oceana county also has some other useful tools. They have a website where you can look up a person’s background. By using their background search, you can see if they have any warrants out for their arrest. If a person has been convicted of a crime, there is a process you must go through in order to remove the charges from your person record. Because many people are afraid to go through this process, many companies offer a free background check to help you find out if a person is legally able to own guns.

Oceana is only one of the many legal sites that offer warrant records. While the information might be helpful, it is not a substitute for finding a person’s criminal history with a judge. You should also contact local law enforcement agencies to verify that a person does not have any outstanding warrants out for their arrest. This should help you keep an eye on the person that is drawing a weapon and keep them away from you or your family.