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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(601)Huron County Police Departments
Bad Axe Police Department100 South Hanselman StreetBad AxeMI48413989-269-6470
Huron County Police Departments
Caseville Police Department6767 Main StreetCasevilleMI48725989-856-3304
Elkton Village Police Department57 North Main StreetElktonMI48731989-375-4450
Harbor Beach Police Department766 State StreetHarbor BeachMI48441989-479-3353
Kinde Police Department405 Main StreetKindeMI48445989-874-4655
Michigan State Police District 3 Post 39.1 - Bad Axe675 South Van Dyke RoadBad AxeMI48413989-269-6442
Pigeon Police Department29 South Main StreetPigeonMI48755989-453-3001
Port Austin Police Department17 West State StreetPort AustinMI48467989-738-5180
Sebewaing Police Department125 West Main StreetSebewaingMI48759989-883-2380
Ubly Police Department2272 Bingham StreetUblyMI48475989-658-2433
Huron County Sheriff Departments
Huron County Sheriffs Office - Caseville Township Office7041 Notre Dame RoadCasevilleMI48725989-856-4630
Huron County Sheriffs Office / Huron County Jail120 South Heisterman StreetBad AxeMI48413989-269-9910
Huron County Probation Department
Huron County Probation Department250 East Huron AvenueBad AxeMI48413989-269-9975
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Huron County Criminal Records
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Important Uses For Warrant Records

Warrant records in Huron County are considered public record and anyone can access these records from the comfort of their home. If you have a person’s name, date of birth and address, there is a very good chance that you can find this information in one of the many databases maintained by the county. In addition, if you know what type of crime the person has been charged with or committed, then you can search this person’s background. If the person has ever been convicted of a crime, this will be on your report as well. This information is available to anyone who requests it through the courthouse or law enforcement agency in the area.

Warrant records are used in conjunction with other public records to determine if there is probable cause to hold a person in jail. These arrest records are also part of the public domain and are searchable online. The only thing that will limit your search is the jurisdiction that you are using. In other words, if you want to look up criminal records for someone living in Washtenaw County, you would not be able to access records from other states.

Criminal records are an important part of our everyday lives. Without access to these records, we could never know if a friend was married before they got married. We could never find out about a person’s past if the person has concealed information. It is possible to have a complete profile on just about any person. By doing a wide search on a person’s background, you will be able to learn a lot about a person.

Arrest records hold a lot of information. They will include the person’s date of birth, criminal charges, court records and more. If you have a person in mind that you think might be arrested for a crime, you can perform a nationwide search to find out more about that person’s arrest records. warrants can also be obtained by performing a search for a person’s name and using the search criteria; you will be able to find out the person’s warrant for their arrest.

To apply for a warrant, there are many requirements that must be met. The application process itself typically takes several days to months to go through. It is then the responsibility of the police department to inform the person that their warrant has been issued. Once the warrant is granted, a copy of the document will be served to the person. They are then able to either accept or deny the warrant request.

Warrant searches are becoming more popular as people continue to be more safety conscious. People want to know if someone they know is a criminal. Companies use the service to help prevent fraud. Companies such as these perform warrant searches on a person whenever they request criminal reports on new employees.