Livingston County Michigan Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(664)Livingston County Police Departments
Brighton Police Department440 South 3rd StreetBrightonMI48116810-227-2700
Livingston County Police Departments
Fowlerville Police Department213 South Grand AvenueFowlervilleMI48836517-223-8711
Green Oak Township Police Department8965 Fieldcrest DriveBrightonMI48116810-231-9626
Hamburg Township Police Department10409 Merrill RoadPinckneyMI48169810-231-9391
Howell Police Department611 East Grand River AvenueHowellMI48843517-546-1330
Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority Police Department13000 Highridge DriveBrightonMI48114810-227-2757
Michigan State Police District 1 Post 12 - Brighton4337 Buno RoadBrightonMI48114810-227-1051
Pinckney Police Department220 South Howell StreetPinckneyMI48169734-878-3700
Unadilla Township Police Department126 Webb StreetGregoryMI48137734-498-2325
Livingston County Sheriff Department
Livingston County Sheriffs Office / Livingston County Jail150 South Highlander WayHowellMI48843517-546-2440
Livingston County Probation Department
Livingston County Probation Department210 South Highlander WayHowellMI48843517-546-4212
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Overview of Warrant Records

Warrant Records are considered public information and all arrests in Michigan are recorded and maintained by the Department of Public Health and Consumer Services. Any violations or infractions on a person’s record are filed with the Clerk of the Court who then makes them available to the public for inspection. There is a law called “informed consent” which requires the person requesting the records to state why they want the records and how they wish to have them released or used. If you are searching for a person’s record it is important to remember that you may not be able to find their full arrest report due to how they signed their name and what type of signature they used. This is a very small price to pay when you consider all the information that you can learn about a person when you have access to their full court documents.

By searching online for these records you will be able to access the most up-to-date version of any criminal record in the state of Michigan. There are different ways that people obtain these records, but the most popular way is to use an online service. By using this method you will be able to get access to a persons entire criminal history, warrant reports, and more in a matter of minutes. To search for a person’s criminal records all you need to do is go to one of the many websites that offer this type of service. Some services will offer a free search and allow you to download the information onto your computer for future reference.

The best services offer unlimited access to their data base so you can perform as many searches on one person as you like. You will want to pay a small fee to use their online database, but it is well worth it for the peace of mind that you will gain from knowing everything about a person’s criminal history. People who have been accused of crimes many times do not like to have any record of their activity stored on record. This can cause many problems in work situations and can cast a shadow over a person’s reputation. When you search a person’s background you are giving yourself peace of mind and protecting yourself from a potentially dangerous individual.

Searching a person’s criminal record will give you access to much more than the warrant records will. You will be able to find out a persons age, past addresses, employment history, the crime they were arrested for, and much more. These are things that you may never be aware of. Knowing a persons complete history can be helpful if you ever need to hire someone else to work with children or if you just want to be sure that a babysitter is safe.

Before you start searching through a person’s background check you should make sure that you know what type of criminal record a person has. You will want to look at a persons criminal record if they have committed a crime in more than one place. For instance, if a person has been arrested and then convicted of selling drugs in two separate counties you may want to see if they have also been accused or charged of selling drugs in another county. Many background check sites will make this available for you. You may also want to find out more information about any other arrests or charges that may have come up during a person’s lifetime.

One of the biggest problems with warrants is that there is no way to verify the information. There is no way to check to see if a person has a clean record or whether they have a criminal record. People can and do get a criminal record and this can cause difficulties when trying to rent an apartment, work, or simply rent a vehicle. Warrant records allow you to verify information about a person before signing any type of agreement. It can keep you from making big mistakes.