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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(518)Benzie County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Benzie County Probation DepartmentPO Box 377BeulahMI49617231-882-0042
Benzie County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Benzie County Sheriffs Office / Benzie County Jail505 South Michigan AvenueBeulahMI49617231-882-4484
Frankfort Police Department832 Main StreetFrankfortMI49635231-352-4212
Frankfort Police Department412 Main StreetFrankfortMI49635231-352-4212
Michigan State Police District 7 Post 71.1 - Honor11508 Main StreetHonorMI49640231-325-2885
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The Purpose of Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are public documents that have been issued by local or state law enforcement agencies. They contain the personal details of a person, including his or her criminal history. If you want to perform a search on a particular person, you can obtain them through the courts. You may be able to get the warrant records quickly from the county courthouse, or they will take months to finally produce them. Warrant records are used by many individuals and law enforcement agencies to identify criminals.

How can a warrant be issued? Anytime someone is arrested or convicted of a felony, the name of the person will be entered into the database. If you have ever searched for criminal background information on any person, you probably already know that there are two types of searches. One type of search requires the individual’s name and date of birth. The other type requires information about the person’s date of birth, name, social security number, phone number, and place of employment. These records are often used to identify an individual with a criminal history.

Why would you perform a lookup on a person? If you are a concerned parent, you may want to learn more about your nanny or babysitter. A background check can help you to discover whether or not the person has a criminal history. A nanny or child care provider may also be hiring illegal aliens to care for your children. If you are concerned about your daughter or son being with an abusive person, you can use a national background check to learn more about their potential future. For these and many other reasons, it is important to perform a criminal background check.

You can perform a search by going to the court house where the warrant was originally filed. Sometimes, the person who requested the warrant has died, or the court may not keep records up to date. In these cases, you must obtain the information through other channels. You can go online to many websites to find out more about obtaining these records.

There are two ways to obtain this type of information. You can do a search on the person yourself, or you can hire a private investigator to conduct the search for you. Hiring a private investigator can be expensive, but if you need to know more about a person than a court order allows, it may be your only option. In the case of a failed search, you can always sue the person who provided you with false information.

Warrant records allow law enforcement officers to identify and locate any person that they suspect is committing a crime. When you go online to conduct a criminal background check, you can learn more about a person, but you will not get the information behind the warrant. Performing a search does not give you the permission to harass the person you are searching. Performing a search does not give permission to harass the person you are searching.