Bay County Michigan Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Bay County Clerk Offices
Bay County Clerk515 Center AvenueBayMI48708989-895-4280
Essexville City Clerk1107 Woodside AvenueEssexvilleMI48732989-893-7192
Williams Township Clerk1080 West Midland RoadAuburnMI48611989-662-4408
Bay County Town & City Halls
Bay City City Hall301 Washington AvenueBayMI48708989-894-8200
Auburn City Hall113 East Elm StreetAuburnMI48611989-662-6761
Essexville City Hall1107 Woodside AvenueEssexvilleMI48732989-893-0772
Pinconning City Hall208 North Manitou StreetPinconningMI48650989-879-2360
Bay County Marriage License Offices
Bay County Marriage License515 Center AvenueBayMI48708989-895-4280
Midland County Marriage LicenseMidland County Clerk, 220 West ElsworthMidlandMI48840989-832-6739
Bay County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Bay County Clerk's Office Vital Records
Bay County Genealogy Records
Bay County Library System Library Database
Bay County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples20,377 (46.2%)
Unmarried Couples3,194 (3.1%)
Never Married Men14,616 (34.3%)
Never Married Women11,231 (25.1%)
Separated Men480 (1.1%)
Separated Women685 (1.5%)
Widowed Men1,555 (3.6%)
Widowed Women5,028 (11.2%)
Divorced Men4,934 (11.6%)
Divorced Women6,316 (14.1%)

Marriage Records In Bay State

Marriage Records in Bay County, Michigan is maintained by the local Clerk of court and they are accessible to anyone who requests them. The clerk does not keep the official public records; they maintain these records as a matter of public information. Therefore, anyone can go to the county’s central data base and search for marriage records for Bay county or any other county in Michigan and get the information they are looking for. Searching through the records and getting information on marriage are usually done when one wants to know more about a particular person, for example if they want to research their family tree or trace their genealogy.

The information found in public records is compiled and stored in several locations throughout the state. Each county has its own database that is accessed by the public. The only thing that differs from county to county is the scope and number of records it contains. Also, the location of storage varies from county to county. Some counties keep their records in the offices and homes of the people, while others store them in information banks that are computerized.

Marriage records in the Bay state can be accessed by anybody through the various online sites. The accuracy of such sites depends on the authority from which one obtains the information. Generally, anyone can access the records from the courts, while some areas may restrict access to certain members of the public. The information contained in the records of the Bay state may be useful to genealogists researching their family history, but it may also be used for the purposes of conducting legitimate public record searches. The fact that the information is available to the public does not mean that it is confidential or private.

The fact that marriage records in the Bay state are available to the public makes this record an object of curiosity for many people. Some people have a particular interest in obtaining these records and using them in one way or another. Some people try to search for marriage and divorce records of their ancestors and other relatives. Others use public records to check on the backgrounds of someone who claims to be married in the Bay state.

The accuracy of these records cannot be guaranteed. Since marriage records in the Bay state are not linked with other government departments, they may contain incomplete or outdated information. In some cases, the names of the couple and the year they got married may be wrong. This means that the information you get will not be accurate. The information will also be outdated if the person got divorced after two years of marriage.

There are several ways to access the Bay State marriage records. You can first go to the local courthouse where the records are kept. They generally update these records every 5 years and you can obtain all the information you need this way. You can also go online to find information on the public records at no cost.