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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Midland County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Midland City Hall333 West Ellsworth StreetMidlandMI48640989-837-3300
Midland County Clerk220 West Ellsworth StreetMidlandMI48640989-832-6739
Coleman City Hall201 East Railway StreetColemanMI48618989-465-6961
Hope Township Clerk1750 East Curtis RoadHopeMI48628989-689-5158
Sanford Village Clerk2463 Smith StreetSanfordMI48657989-687-7667
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Midland County Clerk Vital Records
Midland County Genealogy Records
Midland County Marriage Certificates & Records
Midland County Register of Deeds County Records
Married Couples18,769 (55.2%)
Unmarried Couples2,098 (2.6%)
Never Married Men9,699 (28.9%)
Never Married Women7,749 (22.0%)
Separated Men271 (0.8%)
Separated Women339 (1.0%)
Widowed Men803 (2.4%)
Widowed Women2,925 (8.3%)
Divorced Men3,338 (10.0%)
Divorced Women4,482 (12.7%)

Marriage Records in Midland County Michigan

Searching for Michigan marriage and divorce records? With the Internet, there’s never been a better time to look up information about someone’s past. However, using just about any search engine (whether online or offline) can be daunting. With so many records being added to the online databases each day, it’s important that you know where to go to find what you need. This article will give you some helpful advice for locating vital record searches in Midland County, Michigan.

The best place to start your search is with the official Midland County Clerk of Court’s website. The Michigan State Vital Statistics Office maintains these records online. If you’re looking for marriage or divorce records, you’ll need to visit the Office’s website to find the forms. You’ll have to provide a valid email address, phone number, and birth date in order to receive the records. After you submit the form, you’ll have up to 10 days to look through the records yourself before they are added to the online database. This will allow you to search for records that are not yet in the public record database and may give you a more accurate result than if you were to use a regular search engine like Google.

If you want to save time, you’ll want to look into a paid service that lets you do access to multiple public records all from one website. By doing an on-line search, you can enter all the necessary information, including names, addresses, and dates, and then have the records found within minutes. You’ll have the option of sorting the records by state, county, or even city/town if you wish. The information you’ll be provided will be more detailed than what you would get if you used an on-line service alone. This can allow you to obtain marriage records in Midland County quickly and efficiently.

When you need to find marriage records in Michigan, you should first contact the county where the wedding took place. They will either be able to assist you directly or let you know where to find the records. If they can’t help, you’ll be able to get a list of the places they can help you. Marriage records aren’t normally available on line unless they’re part of a public record, and only certain states offer access to their records. If you need to find Midland County records, you’ll want to know that you can readily obtain them by speaking to the clerks in the county where the marriage was performed.

The best way to find records in Midland County is to go to the official Midland County website. This provides a very comprehensive directory of all the county’s public records. Some of the records are free; others are mostly available on an entry-fee basis. Depending on your budget, you can choose which options you want.

It’s possible to access some of the most interesting information about marriages through an online search. However, before you do, make sure that you’re doing it right. After all, you’ll want to get as accurate information as you can. For example, many states allow only one party to list the event on their own records (others aren’t allowed). If you want the most comprehensive information possible, consider paying for an online public records search package.