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(2267)Caldwell Parish Police Departments
Clarks Police Department1715 Louisiana 845GraysonLA71435318-649-7218
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Columbia Police Department302 Pearl StreetColumbiaLA71418318-649-6174
Grayson Police Department1023 Highway 850GraysonLA71435318-649-7148
Grayson Police Department5228 Highway 126GraysonLA71435318-649-7148
Caldwell Parish Sheriff Department
Caldwell Parish Sheriffs Office / Caldwell Parish Jail201 Main StreetColumbiaLA71418318-649-2345
Caldwell Parish Probation Department
Caldwell Parish Sheriff's Office201 Main StreetColumbiaLA71418318-649-2345
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Warrant Records in Caldwell Parish

Warrant Records in Caldwell Parish Louisiana are considered public information. This means that anyone can obtain any criminal activity records of a person from this office. The records contain all the details of the criminal activity of a person committed by another person. Warrant Records have vital importance in the ongoing investigation for any type of criminal activity.

There are different types of warrants issued in Louisiana. First, an Indictment warrant is a warrant that has been issued by a judge upon the findings of probable cause. If there is no probable cause, an Affidavit of Information is used to qualify a warrant. In case of violation, the person whose name has been listed on the warrant is immediately arrested. An outstanding warrant may be revoked by following procedures laid down by the State Police or other law enforcement authorities. A person whose rights are violated has the right to file a suit against the offender.

Warrant Records in Caldwell Parish contain all details about the criminal activity of a person. It includes the person’s name, address, date of birth, social security number, and any other information that can be used to identify him or her. Criminal records are public information in most states. This means that if you want to obtain criminal records of someone, you can personally go to the office of the State Police or other law enforcement agencies. However, most people prefer to have an online search done.

Through online search, one can get all the information he wants on a certain person. You only need to enter a person’s name and some basic information on the search bar of a public records database. Results of your search depend on several factors such as the nature of the person’s background check, the location where the person lives, and other details. The more comprehensive your search is, the more accurate and reliable it will be.

Aside from criminal activities, records also reveal other information regarding a person’s past. If a person has been married or divorced, you can obtain his previous addresses, marriage license, divorce decree, alimony payment, custody agreement, and contact information. Searching through these data bases will allow you to verify the details of a person’s past. It will give you important information on a person’s history.

Warrant Records in Caldwell Parish are basically used to conduct background checks and to determine if a person is legally defined as insane or not. It is also used in investigating crimes and other criminal activities of an individual. For instance, if you want to hire someone to work in your home or at your place of business, you can do a criminal records check before hiring them. So with these records, you can feel safe and secure knowing that the person you are leaving behind in your home is not a criminal.