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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2391)LaSalle Parish Police Departments
Jena Police Department1810 North 2nd StreetJenaLA71342318-992-5111
LaSalle Parish Police Departments
Jena Police Department1850 North 2nd StreetJenaLA71342318-992-5111
Olla Police Department1907 Louisiana StreetOllaLA71465318-495-5153
Olla Police Department1921 Louisiana StreetOllaLA71465318-495-5153
Tullos Police Department9887 Main StreetTullosLA71479318-534-6499
Tullos Police DepartmentSouth Main StreetTullosLA71479318-534-6499
Urania Police Department2021 East Hardtner DriveUraniaLA71480318-495-3409
LaSalle Parish Sheriff Departments
Lasalle Parish Sheriff's Office2083 South 2nd StreetJenaLA71342318-992-2151
La Salle Parish Sheriffs Office1050 Courthouse StreetJenaLA71342318-992-2151
LaSalle Parish Probation Department
La Salle Parish Sheriff's Department2083 South 2nd StreetJenaLA71342318-992-2151
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How to Search For Wrist Warrant Records

Warrant records are a legal document drawn up by a judge or magistrate and given to a law enforcement officer to show probable cause that a person is in illegal possession of a controlled substance. In other words if an officer has reason to suspect that a particular person may have drugs on them or he has been seen carrying drugs, he can legally search the person’s home and seize any illegal drugs. This is a form of probable cause. If the person is not in violation of any law at the time that the warrant is issued then they have the right to be searched without warning.

Warrant records have become something of a hassle for police officers. It is now very easy for people to get records on someone. You do not even need a reason to search the person. You can simply pick up the phone book and go to town. If the person has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime then you can find out about their arrest as well as their criminal background.

The information that you can obtain includes arrests, convictions, dates and locations of crimes that the person has been arrested for. These records are also known as Criminal Records. There are many places on the internet where these criminal records can be searched. You can go to the police station in your area or the court house where the person was arrested. You can also try a paid service such as a local online background check website. Some of them will let you know within minutes whether a person is free or in jail.

If the person you want to search for a warrant has a record then it will also show up on a warrant for their arrest. A warrant can remain in effect for years or months depending on the terms set by the courts. You can also find out a persons history from the courthouse. You can see the criminal acts they are charged with and also what crimes they were convicted of. This information is used to protect the safety of people and also to keep the community safe.

You can also check to see if a person you are suspicious of has a warrant out for their arrest. This is easy to do and does not cost much. All you have to do is visit your local courthouse and look in the public records database for the state that the person lives in. You will have to give the person’s name and birth date at this point but once you find the record you can contact law enforcement to get there arrest removed from there records.

It is also important to note that having a warrant out for your arrest does not mean that the person you are checking on has done something illegal. They may simply be exercising their rights to defend themselves. In the past, a warrant would usually be made out for someone who was not of legal age. This does not apply anymore unless the person you are checking on has committed a crime in the past. A warrant can be made out for almost anyone. It only takes a phone call to make sure that the warrant actually exists.