Natchitoches Parish Louisiana Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2398)Natchitoches Parish Police Departments
Natchitoches Police Department400 Amulet StreetNatchitochesLA71457318-352-8101
Natchitoches Parish Police Departments
Ashland Police Department2085 Louisiana 155AshlandLA71002318-544-9161
Campti Police Department218 Edenborn StreetCamptiLA71411318-476-2122
Clarence Police Department6004 U.s. 71NatchitochesLA71457318-357-0440
Natchez Police Department181 Main StreetNatchitochesLA71457318-352-1414
Northwestern State University Of Louisiana Police175 Sam Sibley DriveNatchitochesLA71457
Powhatan Police Department291 North Railroad StreetNatchitochesLA71457318-352-8549
Provencal Police Department1968 Louisiana 117ProvencalLA71468318-472-8767
Robeline Police Department9069 Texas StreetRobelineLA71469318-472-3434
Village of Natchez Town Hall181 Main StreetNatchitochesLA71457318-352-1414
Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Department
Natchitoches Parish Sheriffs Office200 Church StreetNatchitochesLA71457318-352-6432
Natchitoches Parish Probation Department
Natchitoches Parish Probation Department200 Church StreetNatchitochesLA71457318-352-6432
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The Basics of Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant records are one of the most sensitive pieces of public record and the most protected as well. This is because they contain the personal details of every citizen, including those who are not even citizens of the US. They carry the person’s name and other identifying information which can help the police find the person when needed and track down people involved in criminal activities. In some cases these documents have even helped law enforcement authorities to catch fugitives and criminals. However, there are some serious limitations attached to this and you need to understand them if you want to search for warrants in Natchitoches Parish.

You cannot perform a search for warrant records on the internet. There are two reasons for this. First, because warrants must be approved by the courts and only released under specific and proper conditions, not just any person can get a copy of a warrant. Secondly, since warrants have to be judiciously issued by a judge with notice, you may never know whether you are looking at the correct document or not. In some states, the copy can only be given to law enforcement officials and other officials can only have a photocopy of it, which is no more reliable than an actual original document.

In addition, you cannot use a single service to perform warrant searches in Natchitoches Parish. Each service does have access to different data. Some of them do not even offer data at all and some offer access to certain documents only. So, if you want to perform a search, you need to choose the right service. This may seem obvious, but in case you are not aware, this can complicate matters.

There is one exception to this general rule and that is if the person whose warrant you are trying to find is in another state and you live in Louisiana. Under the laws of this state, the person has to give you authority to look at his or her records. Otherwise, you cannot use the records to do anything, even if you happen to be an official government employee. This means that if you are trying to get a background check on someone, you need to contact the state’s justice department and talk to the investigators who handle such cases. They should be able to help you obtain the information that you need, as they usually maintain warrants for people who commit crimes in their state.

The reason why you can only access warrant records of people who are in another state is simple. Because of how state laws are written, federal criminal acts don’t fall under the purview of state criminal laws. However, federal criminal acts are still within the jurisdiction of state criminal laws. So, when a person commits a federal criminal act within the jurisdiction of your state, you can access the records through that person’s state criminal record. However, if the person you want to search has a warrant out for his or her arrest in another state, you will have to go the extra mile to get the information. This may mean going to the county where the person lives or to the state courthouse, but it is still worth the effort, as you will be able to find out whether the person you are searching for has a warrant out for his or her arrest.

You will also find out what crime the person was arrested for. In some cases, this information is available without having to go through any kind of complicated legal process. However, most warrant records are still kept in digital form and can only be searched through specially-designed computer databases. You can use this method if you are certain that you already know the person’s name, address, and other personal information so that you can perform a more focused search on the warrant records.