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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2527)Tangipahoa Parish Police Departments
Tangipahoa Police Department12616 Jackson StreetTangipahoaLA70465985-229-4435
Tangipahoa Parish Police Departments
Amite Police Department101 East Oak StreetAmite CityLA70422985-748-6169
Hammond Police Department / Hammond City Jail303 East Thomas StreetHammondLA70401985-542-3500
Independence Police DepartmentNorth Railroad AvenueIndependenceLA70443985-878-9477
Independence Police Station269 East Railroad AvenueIndependenceLA70443985-878-4188
Kentwood Police Department308 Avenue GKentwoodLA70444985-229-6305
Ponchatoula Police Department110 West Hickory StreetPonchatoulaLA70454985-386-6548
Roseland Police Department62438 Commercial DriveRoselandLA70456985-748-9063
Southeastern Louisiana University Police1301 SGA DriveHammondLA70401985-549-2222
Tickfaw City Police Department14493 2nd StreetTickfawLA70466985-345-4677
Tickfaw Police Department14496 2nd StreetTickfawLA70466985-345-4677
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Departments
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs Office313 East Oak StreetAmite CityLA70422985-748-8147
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs Substation15475 West Club Deluxe RoadHammondLA70403985-902-2050
Tangipahoa Parish Probation Departments
Tangipahoa Parish Probation Department15487 West Club Deluxe RoadHammondLA70403985-902-2050
St Helena Parish Probation Department306 East Oak StreetAmite CityLA70422985-747-1308
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Accessing Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records in Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana are maintained by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the Court of Record in Orleans. These records are filed and maintained by the Orleans Parish Prison Department and the Court of Common Pleasure in Lieu Felicitation. Warrant Records in Tangipahoa Parish contain a list of all warrants (ards) that were active as of the current calendar year, and information pertaining to their respective arrests. The records also include information on the crime for which the warrant was issued. These warrant records can be useful to anyone wanting to perform a background check on someone.

Warrant Records in Tangipahoa Parish are one of the most comprehensive online public arrest records databases available on the internet today. This is because all of the data that is filed is completely electronic and can be downloaded instantly. Additionally, the system provides access to national and international arrest records, court dockets, and inmate records. The information is available in two different formats; the electronic standard format (which is used in Tangipahoa Parish) and the non-electronic standard format. The information in the non-electronic format is less detailed than the electronic format.

Criminal Records in Tangipahoa Parish are available to anyone who is interested in accessing them. If an individual is wanted on suspicion of a crime, or if there is a warrant out for their arrest, they can be searched by using the database. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the warrant is issued, the records will show if the person has previously been convicted of the crime. Additionally, the records will show if the person has been convicted of the crime where the warrant was issued. Perpetrators will always have their warrant issued in the state in which they live.

There are a number of reasons why a person might need to search through the criminal records database. Sometimes, individuals may want to check up on a new employee whom they recently hired. Another reason could be that they are concerned about the new boyfriend or girlfriend of a friend. Additionally, some businesses conduct background checks prior to hiring employees.

There are different types of warrants that exist in each state. Warrants are different from arrest warrants. A warrant is considered “arrested” when a police officer has taken a person into custody based on an arrest warrant. Warrants can only be executed if a court order has been issued. However, in some jurisdictions a warrant can be executed by an individual without a court order. Warrants can be issued based on numerous circumstances including suspicion of a crime, or if the person has committed a crime while in the presence of law enforcement.

Warrant records are considered public information. Anyone can access these records at any time. Therefore, if a person wants to check up on another person, they can simply take the person’s name and use a public records search engine to see if they have any warrants issued against them. Depending on the jurisdiction, records can also be viewed online.