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Red River Parish Probation Department615 East Carrol StreetCoushattaLA71019318-932-4200
Red River Parish Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Red River Parish Sheriffs Department / Red River Parish Jail615 East Carroll StreetCoushattaLA71019318-932-5753
Coushatta Police Department1211 East Carroll StreetCoushattaLA71019318-932-4222
Hall Summit Police DepartmentCarter AvenueHall SummitLA71034318-932-5355
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The Importance of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Red River Parish Louisiana are maintained by the Criminal Court Record Department. These records show all warrants for arrests made, all searches conducted and all hearings held regarding any criminal charges that were pending against a person at the time that the warrant was granted. Because of the nature of the records these days they can be very difficult to find. Most of the information you will want to find out is whether or not a person has ever been convicted of a crime and how many times they were arrested.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest then you most likely will not see it listed on your public court records unless you take it to the sheriff or county court house and request a copy of it. If you do not know the address of the person that you are searching for then you may have a hard time locating this information. There are different websites that will allow you to search for a person by a warrant. You can usually do a general search on the internet for a free background check, but in many instances you will need to pay a small fee before you receive the information that you are looking for.

Criminal warrants are filed with the state police and forwarded to the local courthouse where the case was filed. In some instances the case may be forwarded to the circuit court. When you search the criminal records of a person you will first need to know the name of the person. Next you must find out if the person has ever been arrested or had a criminal record. The information provided in the results of this search can provide you with some basic information but cannot give you all the details.

Sometimes a warrant can be issued for something that did not even happen. This is why it is important to search all over the country for the criminal records of a person because you never know when there will be an incident that will lead to an arrest. Sometimes there are cases where a person has a past record of drug use but was never charged. At other times a person might have a past record of theft but no evidence of it. These are the types of instances that you need to search the records for in order to obtain the information you need.

Before you can access any of the information you will first need to get permission from the person. In most cases you can simply show up at the courthouse and show proof that you have a legitimate reason for wanting the information. Some courts require a showing of actual damages or a lien holder. Other courts will only require that the person be served with a copy of the papers. If the person does not respond or you are unable to locate them you could simply show up again and show proof that you still have a need for the information.

Warrant records can also be used in conjunction with other public records in order to determine a person’s credibility as well as determine whether they should be trusted. For instance, if you were going to hire a contractor to do work on your home or to work in your home you would want to make sure that they had a criminal background. If they have a past history of stealing or harming people you would most likely trust that person to do an honest day’s work on your home. Likewise, if you wanted to hire someone to clean your home or to take care of your pets you would want to be able to verify whether they were a trustworthy person before hiring them.