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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2322)Jackson Parish Police Departments
Chatham Police Department1709 Oakmont StreetChathamLA71226318-249-2541
Jackson Parish Police Departments
East Hodge Police Department6011 Main StreetQuitmanLA71268318-259-9127
Hodge Police Department4693 Quitman HighwayHodgeLA71247318-259-4704
Jonesboro Police Department100 4th StreetJonesboroLA71251318-259-2164
North Hodge Police Department5204 Quitman HighwayQuitmanLA71268318-259-4272
Quitman Police Department8255 Quitman HighwayQuitmanLA71268318-259-8014
Jackson Parish Sheriff Department
Jackson Parish Sheriff Department / Jackson Parish Jail500 East Court StreetJonesboroLA71251318-259-9021
Jackson Parish Probation Department
Jackson Parish Probation Department500 East Court StreetJonesboroLA71251318-259-9021
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Understanding Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Jackson Parish are kept in what is known as the “Warrant Record Room”. This is a room which is located in the Probate Court of Jackson County, and is where warrants are recorded. In addition to warrants, other criminal records are also stored here. These records are held for the most part and can be accessed by any law enforcement agency when they request it. All warrants must be stated in writing, and this will state what crime has been committed, the accused party’s full name, aliases if any, date and location of the arrest, and the reasons why the warrant was issued.

The process of obtaining a warrant begins by the police arresting an individual on suspicion of a crime. They then take the person into the booking area, where an administrator can review the information provided by the police, and if it is considered necessary, the booking can be continued. If a person is then taken into booking while the warrant is being processed, it is at this point that the courts issue the warrant. At this point, all police records are held on file, along with the person’s arrest record, pending court action, if any, on the matter.

For those who have run afoul of the law and are arrested for a DWI offense in Bastrop, Texas, all warrant records in that area will also be kept in Bastrop City, Texas. The same holds true for other serious crimes such as assault, murder, drug possession, etc. In many cases, if someone is accused of even one misdemeanor in the state of Texas, their personal record will be crosschecked against their police record in order to determine whether or not their warrant was valid. In the case of an active warrant, any criminal record which is found will automatically become public information.

Warrant records also provide information on arrests that occurred in another jurisdiction. If an arrest is made in Orange County, Texas for example, the arrest records of the persons arrested will be available to the courts. Warrant records can even be searched online. This means if you wanted to search for someone’s arrest records, that person’s name, date of birth, social security number, and any other relevant information may be located quickly and easily.

In some instances, warrant applications are used. In these instances, a warrant will be issued by a judge based on probable cause that a person is committing a crime in the county in which they are suspected of being involved. When a warrant is issued, an arrest warrant will be applied for. Arrest warrant applications are considered a legal requirement before any arrest can take place.

Obtaining warrants can prove to be an arduous task. Warrant records are considered to be public information in most instances. However, in some states, these records are considered private property, and not offered to the general public. If one needs access to these records, they will have to go through the proper channels and obtain the information that they need. These records are important to the people that work in the police force, the court system, and any other public institutions that require the use of such documents. By doing one’s research and getting the proper information, one can find out whether or not there is any cause to warrant a person’s arrest.