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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Caldwell Parish Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Caldwell Parish Marriage License201 Main StreetColumbiaLA71418318-649-2272
Calcasieu Parish ClerkPO Box 1327ColumbiaLA71418318-649-2272
Clarks Town Hall1714 Louisiana 845ClarksLA71415318-649-7218
Columbia City Hall302 Pearl StreetColumbiaLA71418318-649-6174
Caldwell Parish Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Caldwell Parish Divorce Certificates
Caldwell Parish Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 1,729 (47.0%)
Unmarried Couples 341 (3.6%)
Never Married Men 1,513 (35.7%)
Never Married Women 852 (22.4%)
Separated Men 100 (2.4%)
Separated Women 118 (3.1%)
Widowed Men 158 (3.7%)
Widowed Women 445 (11.7%)
Divorced Men 456 (10.7%)
Divorced Women 662 (17.4%)

How to Look Up Marriage Records in Caldwell Parish

Marriage Records in Caldwell Parish Louisiana are considered public information and are often updated and released to the public on a regular basis. Marriage Records in Louisiana is available for free and can be requested from the county recorder of your county or from the Louisiana Vital Records Registry. Marriage Records in Louisiana has been around for many years and contains detailed information regarding marriages, names of bride and groom, location of marriage, names of parents and witnesses, age at the wedding, and the marriage license number. Some records may also show the bride’s maiden name or the father’s name or both.

Marriage Records in Caldwell Parish contains a lot of information that would be of use to anyone wanting to do some background checking on someone they know. Many times people like to conduct background checks on business partners, employees, neighbors, etc. By searching through these records, you can learn a lot about a person without having to hire a private detective. By getting access to the information, one can also protect their family, loved ones, friends, and themselves by knowing who they are associated with, when they were married and who the future husband or wife will be. These records will also give other people’s peace of mind, as they are aware that these people are not likely to harm them in any way. Also, if someone is already married, there is no reason to allow this person to get away with it since all records in Louisiana are public record and can be accessed online for free.

It can be quite tedious and time consuming to go through marriage history in detail to find out the information you need, however, it is worth it. Marriage Records in Caldwell Parish will tell you many things about the marriage such as where the ceremony was held, what the bride’s or groom’s parents were named, the names of the bride and groom, parents’ other names, date of birth, social security number of the bride or groom, and more. It will also tell you how long the marriage was for (if it was for a term of several years or a lifetime), the name of the mother and father, the officiator of the ceremony if it was a church wedding, the name of the wedding party, and sometimes where the reception took place. The records will also tell you if there was an additional fee required or not.

If you need to view some records, you can do so online through the State’s Record Office. There is a service called Genealogy Navigator on which you can input some basic information and then it will search a database of all the records for that county. This makes searching information very easy. It’s free to use. You can also use other sources such as libraries, historical societies, and universities. All of this depends on what you are looking for and how difficult the search is.

Since there are many records of marriage in Caldwell Parish, you need to know how to handle your search responsibly. The information provided should be accurate and as close to the person as possible. If you need to check records to verify that the people are divorced, for example, you should contact the county’s Vital Statistics Office instead of going directly to the person’s social security office.

Sometimes people try to hide their marriage records from others. However, when you have an official marriage record, there is usually nothing to hide. In fact, the more documentation you provide the better. If the people knew that you had access to their marriage records, chances are they would do the same themselves. As long as you are not asking illegal questions, you should be able to get the information you need.

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