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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Orleans Levee District Police6920 Franklin AvenueNew OrleansLA70122
University Of New Orleans Police DepartmentLevee RoadNew OrleansLA70131504-280-6000
Cresent City Connection Police Department2001 Mardi Gras BoulevardNew OrleansLA70114
Delgado Community College Police615 City Park AvenueNew OrleansLA70119
Tulane University Health Science Center Public Safety - Downtown Campus1430 Tulane AvenueNew OrleansLA70112504-568-2311
Tulane University Police Department6823 Saint Charles AvenueNew OrleansLA70118504-865-5381
Orleans Parish Sheriff Departments
Orleans Parish Civil Sheriffs Office421 Loyola AvenueNew OrleansLA70112504-523-6143
Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriffs Office2800 Gravier StreetNew OrleansLA70119504-827-8501
Orleans Parish FBI Offices
New Orleans Louisiana FBI Office2901 Leon C Simon DriveNew OrleansLA70122504-816-3000
New Orleans Louisiana FBI Office1250 Poydras StreetNew OrleansLA70113504-816-3000
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(2399)Orleans Parish Police Departments
Loyola University New Orleans University Police6363 Saint Charles AvenueNew OrleansLA70118504-865-3434
Orleans Parish Police Departments
New Orleans City Park Police1 Palm DriveNew OrleansLA70124
New Orleans Harbor Police Port Of New OrleansThird StreetNew OrleansLA70113504-528-3371
New Orleans Police Department715 South Broad AvenueNew OrleansLA70119504-658-5858
New Orleans Police Department 1st District501 North Rampart StreetNew OrleansLA70112504-658-6010
New Orleans Police Department 2nd District4317 Magazine StreetNew OrleansLA70115504-658-6020
New Orleans Police Department 3rd District1700 Moss StreetNew OrleansLA70119504-658-6030
New Orleans Police Department 4th District1348 Richland RoadNew OrleansLA70114504-658-6040
New Orleans Police Department 5th District3900 North Claiborne AvenueNew OrleansLA70117504-658-6050
New Orleans Police Department 6th District1930 Martin Luther King Junior BoulevardNew OrleansLA70113504-658-6060
New Orleans Police Department 7th District10101 Dwyer RoadNew OrleansLA70127504-658-6070
New Orleans Police Department 8th District334 Royal StreetNew OrleansLA70130504-658-6080

What Is a Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Orleans Parish Louisiana are maintained by the Court of Justice of Orleans Parish. This is one of the many departments and offices in the state of Louisiana that are named after or dedicated to the state of Orleans. This includes the Criminal Justice Department which handles all matters pertaining to state law enforcement, corrections, courts, probation, and abuse of children. The Sheriff’s Office is also one of the divisions that handle warrants as well.

Warrant records are court documents that allow any law abiding citizen to do a background check on a person that they have arrested for a crime. In most cases, if you are doing a background check on an individual you will be requesting that the Warrant of Search be signed by a judge. Once this signature is obtained, then you can be legally allowed to do anything that you want to the person whose name is on the warrant. This means that you can search, arrest, detain, and even jail that person without them knowing they have been served with a warrant for their arrest.

When an arrested person goes before a judge for the first time it is called an arraignment. There will usually be a pre-trial hearing where the defendant will have to enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty. If the person does enter a guilty plea then they will usually be required to enter a plea of “not guilty” on their warrant of arrest. Once the arraignment has been completed then the judge will issue the warrant for the person’s arrest. At this point the accused is under arrest and taken to the jail.

To find out more about an arrest it is helpful to get the person’s name and any other relevant information that may be associated with their case. One way to obtain this information is to get a copy of their arrest warrant. This can usually be done from the courts office where the arrest was made. Another way is to use an online criminal records database that can search from multiple databases at once. The main reason to use an online database is to ensure accuracy, but also because these databases often include more information than your local courthouse.

If you need to obtain more detailed information about an arrest or warrant you can contact your local police department. They will be able to give you more detailed information than the local courthouse. In some cases, the person arrested will have a warrant out for their arrest and you can find out by contacting the court clerk or your local police department. You will usually only be able to get this information if you have the person’s permission and you have a court order to do so. There is no national database of warrants and arrest records.

Warrant records are used by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is used to check a person’s eligibility for work, not to mention other criminal background check options. It can be very useful in the application process for banks, apartment leasing and more. When looking into someone’s background check be sure to use a website that provides precise, comprehensive information so you can get the information you need quickly and accurately.