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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2666)Pike County Police Departments
Pike County Constable - District 6146 Main StreetPikevilleKY41501606-432-6260
Pike County Police Departments
Pikeville Police Department101 Division StreetPikevilleKY41501606-437-5111
Elkhorn City Police Department395 Patty Loveless DriveElkhornKY41522606-754-4030
Kentucky State Police - Post 93499 North Mayo TrailPikevilleKY41501606-433-7711
Pike County Sheriff Department
Pike County Sheriff Department - Criminal Division146 Main StreetPikevilleKY41501606-432-6257
Pike County FBI Offices
Pikeville Kentucky FBI Office131 Summit DrivePikevilleKY41501606-432-1226
Pikeville Kentucky FBI Office334 Main StreetPikevilleKY41501606-432-1226
Pike County Probation Department
Pike County Probation Department164 Main StreetPikevilleKY41501606-437-6320
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What Can You Expect to Find in Warrant Records?

What are Warrant Records? Well, a Warrant Records refers to any court order that is issued by a court of law, requesting that a person or entity be removed from their premises. This could be for a variety of reasons. It could be for failure to show up on a bench trial, or it could be for just simple non-cooperation. Usually, this warrant will specify the crime that the person is accused of having committed.

How do you go about getting one of these records? There are two ways to do it. The first way is to hire a private investigator that specializes in obtaining these records. They would charge a fee per record, depending on the total number of them. This can be quite expensive and may not be practical if you want to search and find these records yourself.

The second method is to use the internet. There are several web sites that specialize in gathering information on arrests and warrants. These web sites will let you search an unlimited amount of databases for a flat one-time fee. You will get instant results with this service and will be able to view exactly what you are after, instantly.

There are several reasons to check to see if a person has an outstanding warrant. Perhaps you have been stopped and asked to go to the FBI or other such agency. Nowadays, you can just go online and fill out a simple form that will give you access to all public records on a person. These services also allow you to run a lookup on someone. This will give you detailed information on that person’s identity. This can be used in many situations as well.

For example, if a person wanted to hire a lawyer, but did not have any criminal record. You could run a criminal background check on that person to see if he or she had any criminal records. If you are going to use this service for something like this, you should make sure that the person has actually committed a crime. You do not want to hire someone to work for you, who has a past crime against a person. This can make you feel uncomfortable and also put your safety at risk. The only person you have to trust with your safety is yourself, so you need to know you are safe when you choose to use this type of service.

There is no reason to lie about yourself when it comes to your job. Just because you are afraid that someone might find out about your past, you are not supposed to lie about your background. The best way to make sure that you get the accurate warrant records is to use the internet. This will allow you to access many different sites at once, which will allow you to get information faster. If you do not know anything about searching for these types of records, then you can use a website that will help you.