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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2667)Powell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Powell County Sheriff's Office525 Washington StreetStantonKY40380606-663-2226
Powell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Powell County Sheriffs Office524 Washington StreetStantonKY40380606-663-2226
Clay City Police Department4651 Main StreetClayKY40312606-663-2224
Stanton Police Department520 Washington StreetStantonKY40380606-663-1459
Stanton Police Department98 Court StreetStantonKY40380859-663-1459
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Performing a Criminal Records Search on Anyone is Easy

Warrant records are one of the most requested public records in Kentucky. In many parts of the US, people wish to access these records but do not have the time or the interest in going through all the legal red tape to get the information they need. That is where online searches come in handy. If you have a computer with an Internet connection and a few minutes, you can obtain public records from any US county, state and district by simply entering the person’s name and date of birth in the appropriate fields.

These records include the person’s date of birth, social security number, their name, birth date and other relevant information about them. It is a completely legal procedure for people to request access to these files, as it is done for regular documents. If a person is missing any of these records, he can usually be found using the appropriate name and birth date that he provides. If the person has been convicted of a felony, his conviction record may not be shown. However, this should not prevent you from obtaining such information.

Warrant records are one of the most useful pieces of information available, as they reveal whether a person has ever been convicted of a crime. The records also show the crimes the person was convicted of, the exact date and location of the arrest, and other details that may help you confirm whether you are dealing with a trustworthy client. In addition to the above information, records also show the warrant’s name and amount of penalties. The details are easily accessible on the Internet, and most websites that offer this service have a fee for the records they provide. As with other public records, you should pay close attention to the accuracy of the information you are provided, as serious mistakes are possible.

When you perform a search for your person’s records, you will be provided with a list containing the person’s full names, current and past addresses, criminal records and other relevant information. If the person you are searching for has relocated within the past year or so, there is a possibility that the records do not reflect this fact. In this case, it is important to use an online service that offers up-to-date warrant information, as the search can take up to several hours on some occasions.

When it comes to using these services for the purpose of checking up on a person’s background, the results are invaluable. These records allow you to quickly determine if a person has any criminal records or warrants for his or her arrest, and what the exact nature of these warrants are. As well as details about the person’s current and past address and contact details, these records will also provide you with their social security number, court records and date of birth, which may give you insight into the person’s identity.

It is important to remember that the type of search you carry out does not restrict you to the details contained in the records. Certain circumstances may still require you to carry out further searches on a person. For instance, if you want to check up on a potential employee or spouse, a person’s criminal records and other records could help you to identify any misdemeanors they may have committed. Similarly, if you wish to check up on a person who has moved into your neighbourhood and you feel threatened by them, a background check could reveal any outstanding warrants for their arrest.