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(2198)Bell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Bell County Sheriffs Office101 Kentucky AvenuePinevilleKY40977606-337-3102
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Middlesboro Police Chief150 North 20th StreetMiddlesboroKY40965606-248-2020
Middlesboro Police Department126 North 20th StreetMiddlesboroKY40965606-248-3636
Pineville Police Department300 Virginia AvenuePinevilleKY40977606-337-2345
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Warrant Records – What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Bell County, Kentucky are maintained by the clerk of court. In Kentucky there are basically three types of public records: criminal records, birth records, and death records. These records are required to be filed and maintained by the courts. All these records are kept on microfilm or in digital form for near immediate retrieval. This makes them accessible to the public through Freedom of Information Act and the state laws.

Criminal records are the ones that give general information about an individual’s criminal activity. They contain violations like assaults, murder, disorderly conduct, arson, and so on. If a person’s criminal record is with the local courthouse, he/she has the right to access this information. However, if the records are stored in the county jail or the county police station, then you may have to go through certain procedures before you get the records. There are also some warrant search rules and regulations that you need to follow.

Warrant records include fingerprints, mug shots, aliases, addresses, and personal history. The first type of records is the Criminal Records. They are available to the public and can be accessed either at the county office or at the police station. By accessing Criminal Records, a person can find out if a person has any warrants issued against him/her.

Another type of warrant information is the arrest warrant. It gives details about the crime that the person is being arrested for. Arrest warrants can be issued for a wide range of crimes including but not limited to: burglary, theft, embezzlement, rape, murder, grand larceny, arson, petit larceny, auto theft, forgery, and many more. When a person is arrested for any of these violations, a warrant for his/her arrest is obtained.

The third type of public record is the record of a warrant. A warrant is a temporary order that authorizes an officer to pick up a person from a specified location. In most cases, this means a person is being held in jail in custody. If the person does not show up as ordered, his warrant will be found and the police will pick him up. Thus, it is very important to find out a person’s warrant status before you are involved with him/her.

Warrant records can help a lot when it comes to employment and dating. If you want to date someone without having to worry that he/she has a criminal background, you can use arrest records to your advantage. If you are going to start dating someone, you would not want to date someone with a criminal record because you could be putting your relationship at risk. Thus, by using warrant records, you can avoid putting your relationship into danger.